IT Support

Have a look at how we combine brilliant customer service with experienced technical support to deliver a fully outsourced managed IT Support service


Business Continuity

At Amazing Support we are obsessed with minimal downtime and make it our prime focus to ensure that your IT systems meet industry recovery standards


Cloud Solutions

You and your staff need to access your company IT network wherever you are and whenever you need to. We can help make that happen without any bottlenecks


IT Projects

With over 10 years delivering IT Projects to multi-sector industries you can rely on our expert advice, management and implementation


Digital Services

We enable our clients to improve business performance and deliver measurable online visibility all backed by our amazing support and customer service ethos

<p>When we tried to work out what it was that we did for our clients, what made us different, the same thing kept coming up... We provide<span> <strong>Amazing Support!</strong></span></p>

When we tried to work out what it was that we did for our clients, what made us different, the same thing kept coming up... We provide Amazing Support!

We have two core aims which runs through everything that we do as an IT Company. First, we want our clients and their businesses in London and Hertfordshire to be the best protected, most resilient that they can be. Secondly, to provide the most professional proactive service, both technically with our IT Support and in our customer service and client care. Our goal is to ensure that we not only fix and communicate problems as efficiently as possible but that we also understand them in your context

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Do you know how quickly your business could recovery in a critical disaster?
Business IT Support in London - Questionnaire

During a critical disaster, the most important knowledge to your business is understanding how quickly you can recover. We have a range of services from Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery to Asset Management & IT Risk Analysis to help you know exactly where you stand during a critical IT disaster and if you don’t know, what to put in place so you do

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ALL REVIEWS What our Clients Say

Service brilliant as usual

Carole, Simcross Welding Services Ltd

Very helpful and able to explain things step by step

Lulu, Harvey Pearson Ltd

All dealt with promptly. Thank you.

Steven, Loxwood Contacts Ltd

Response: Polite, helpful, knowledgeable and my questions were answered promptly.

Scott, Spotlite Claims Ltd

Always so nice to talk to. Very helpful and fast to fix the problem at hand.

Dan, Clarendon House

Very prompt attention and logically reasoned solution, thank you.

Tony, Lifetime Legal


99% Of all support calls responded to within 1 hr

9/10 Clients gave us
a 5/5 rating

95% Of all support issues
resolved within 24 hours