Web Design

It’s true what they say about first impressions and in the high-speed world of the internet you only have a few seconds to grab a visitor’s attention. In-fact it’s just about 3 seconds.

Therefore, a quality website design is an absolute must. We specialise in contemporary, clean and attractive designs, and will work with you to ensure your business has a professional and alluring face on the web.

Engage with your customers

Having a website no longer puts you ahead of competitors, it simply brings you in line with them. The smallest business can achieve an online presence and brand image that overshadows and can even compete with large corporates. The internet has now become a two-way street and enables you to connect with your customers and engage in your marketplace directly through your website.

Make a difference

An attractive, well-designed website could be the deciding factor in winning a client or attracting new business. Whatever is happening in your day to day business world, your website is actively representing you 24/7 without you even needing to be awake. Backed by a good platform and call-to-actions for enquiries, new sales and lead generation from your website can revolutionise your business and pipeline work.

Go Social

A well developed online presence connects you and your business to the entire world in more ways that just having a website. Ensuring you link your site with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn (to name just a few) as well as building innovative social profile pages can enable your brand and business with the reach and customer interaction that you need to gain attention and awareness.

Analytics and Reporting

Want to understand the number of your visitors that actually stay and convert on your site? What about purchase trends, what your visitors actually spend their time looking at, what they don’t like? All of this can be at your fingertips with properly executed reporting and analysis tools that we can setup for you, that will really give you an insight into your website’s performance.

How we work

We work closely with clients to create websites that not only look fantastic but deliver both an enjoyable user experience and clear calls-to-action. Coded to the highest standards with extra care taken for accessibility and usability. Whether your aim is to increase revenue, improve user experience, charitable causes, brochure website, or simply to get your brand and company out there, we can deliver.

Adhering to the latest web standards, we create websites with clean, well-structured code (HTML5, XHTML, CSS3, PHP, JQuery, JavaScript, .Net), which will work flawlessly across all the major browsers as well as mobile technology and tablets. Not only this, we ensure that your site is hosted on the right infrastructure and platform, extremely secure, highly visible to search-engines, together with being usable and accessible to all of your visitors. If your business is reliant on website uptime and service level agreements (SLAs), then that can be arranged too.

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