I just had to wear make-up for the second time in my life

I just had to wear make-up for the second time in my life

For only the second time in my life I was forced to wear some foundation. The reason for this was because I was filming my first ever online video and apparently I am a little shiny – I could have told them that.

I wont tell you about the other time unless you know me very well.

Any way, I digress, this was the first meaningful time that I had to do a video recording that was direct to camera and not as part of a speech at a wedding. I was absolutely shocked at how much harder this is than it appears.

I have no problem at all in talking, in fact it is the thing I enjoy most about my job, talking to people, but trying to talk to an imaginary person in the middle of a wide angle lens is something quite different. Earlier in the day I had prepared my ‘script’ and had even done a practise audio recording. It was all very concise and fluid and I thought the recording would be a doddle.

I wanted to get across who I was(Jamie Claret – in case you were unsure) and to tell everyone a little about my business – The Amazing Support Company

How wrong was I!

The first problem, after the make up, was the fact that I had to try and remember what I wrote down. This is actually very tricky and confirmed that I will not pursue a career in EastEnders. Once I had got over that, the problem was trying to sound as natural as possible whilst not looking at notes or at the other person in the room. Instead I was talking into the deep void of a lens.

It was OK once I got used to it but the outtakes will be far more amusing than the edited version. I didn’t realise how much I swore when things went wrong!

Time will tell how the edit comes out but It will be posted here, fresh from the cutting room floor and I would be interested in any feedback. In the meantime I am off to learn this new skill which I thought I had, but evidently I didn’t!

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Jamie has been a Company Director in the IT industry for over 12 years and works with Operations Managers and Office Managers of SME companies in the London and Hertfordshire areas who feel that they have outgrown their existing IT Support and are looking for proactive advice. He is a Director and co-owner of Amazing Support, a Microsoft Silver accredited and Award Winning specialist Managed IT Support and IT Services company. Jamie is married with two children and enjoys off-road mountain biking in serious amounts of mud! He has also appeared on Channel 4 giving demos and explanations on featured technology releases, on local radio and has spoken to University Graduates on how to run an effective IT business.