I have a new iPhone 4(cue applause)

I have a new iPhone 4(cue applause)

So the new iPhone arrived yesterday and I have to admit I was slightly underwhelmed. Whether this was due to the fact that I had a perfectly adequate 3GS or a because I am pretty busy with work I don’t know.

In any case, i peeled open the new phone from apples exquisite wrapping(I think this is their secret, great wrapping) and started to put the whole thing together.

First impressions were that it actually does not feel as comfortable to hold as the more curvaceous 3GS. the edges are sharper and the width ever so slightly thinner. I am sure I’ll get used to it.

In all other expects it is pretty much the same as the old phone. So it has a camera on the front, will I ever use it? I doubt it. It is fractionally faster to do things and it has more storage(well that’s only because i had only the 6gb 3GS.)

Was it worth the additional money? That remains to be seen, fortunately it did not cost me much as it was a mid term upgrade but I it hadn’t been cheap I would not have bothered.

I think that if you had just the 3G then yes, it would definitely be worth it, 3GS I’m not so sure.

It is yet to activate the phone part so I cannot comment yet on the call problems people have been having and I don’t yet have a ‘bumper’ so we shall see.

On a side note the iPhone, in my opinion, is still the ruler of all smart phones and the htc’s, android and blueberrys all come a very distant second.

Whilst the benefits from a 3GS up point of view are minimal I maintain that apples iPhone is the king of the smart phones.

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