Is your smartphone feeling the cold?!

Is your smartphone feeling the cold?!

In case you hadn’t checked Facebook today, it snowed in England(as an aside, it is rather amusing how people have a compulsion to share pictures of the snow in their garden? Oh well)

I had some meetings in London, so after do not my hat, scarf and gloves I checked that I had a full charge on the iPhone. I was going to be out all day, and as usual, I wanted to make sure I was full of juice(just in case their were snow drifts in Holborn or icebergs floating down the Thames!

Off I trundled to the station, about a one mile walk. On arriving at the station, having had a brief call on the way and checked a couple of emails, I was already down to 75%.

A ten minute wait for the train later and I was down another 5%. I’m not effected by BCD(Battery Compulsive Disorder) like my wife but I was a little jittery!?

As one would expect, I immediately rushed to safari and tapped In what I thought may be the cause – cold weather. Lo and behold, my hunch was correct.

The cold snap DOES have an adverse affect on smartphone batteries.

So what have I learnt today? Firstly that cold weather makes my battery die more quickly but probably more importantly I now understand why people buy those mobile phone socks.

Enjoy the snow :)!

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