Sometimes the traditional way is the best way

Traditional IT Support in the UK

Sometimes the traditional way is the best way

Tradition, tradition…tradition!

IT support “back in the ‘ol days” used to be an IT engineer running around your office going through a list of tasks and completing them one-by-one.

These days, unless there is a problem or a task that needs to be completed on-site, a lot of IT companies try and do as much as possible remotely in order to reduce costs and to provide a fast and responsive service.

Remote support is of course faster and should always be used as the “first line of response”, but the traditional way of going to see your client on-site, fixing problems in an organised manner or going through a list of tasks to complete is just as important, for PR purposes and to keep the relationship with your client an active and visible one.

The old ways are the best ways

Classic, timeless, phrases we read and hear about all the time in the media. The same goes for IT support, you can never go wrong with going to see a client on-site to fix a problem. Classic IT support.

If IT companies only see clients on an irregular basis, it will leave an impression of a faceless IT company which will mean that the client sees no value in them and potentially will start to shop around especially at contract renewal time. And if they cannot physically see them in front of their faces, which some clients do like, then they may start to ask “what do they actually do?”.

Matchmaker, matchmaker

It is so important being visible to your clients and as much as possible visit them, whether a general “account” catch-up meeting or a weekly, monthly or quarterly maintenance visit.

It does also mean selecting the right person for the right client to ensure that the relationship stands strong and they see value in what happens when that engineer or IT representative is on-site. It is of no use having a time-wasting meeting, or if the client and the IT person visiting don’t really get on with each other! Every visit whether account level or on-site IT support has to be of benefit to the client.

Don’t topol over!

As a company, we employ some of the best people around, both technical and customer services and we love going to see our clients as much as possible.

We also, as part of an IT support contract, add on weekly, monthly or quarterly on-site visits, to include account management so that our clients see and hear us remotely and in their office.

Obviously there is a cost involved for our regular on-site IT support, but we also won’t leave you singing “if I were a rich man!”.

Contact us on 0203 728 2555 or get in touch below to discuss what your needs are and we’ll explain how we provide our on-site IT support and regular maintenance.

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David has held positions as Operations Director and Head of IT in legal and professional firms for more than 10 years. He is a Director and co-owner of Amazing Support, an Award Winning, Microsoft Silver & Cyber Essentials accredited specialist Managed IT Support and Cyber Security company. David actively helps SME businesses receive better Managed IT Support and Cyber Security Services in the London and Hertfordshire areas. He also assists overseas companies who are looking to expand their business operations into the UK and helps with their inward investment IT process. A member of The Chartered Institute for IT (BCS), UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) and an event speaker promoting business start-ups and technology awareness. David is also an Accredited Mediator. Married with a son, David enjoys driving his hybrid around Hertfordshire, participating in charity bike rides and is a keen Krav Maga practioner.