3 Ways That Disaster Recovery As A Service (DRaaS) Can Save Your Business

Do you know what happens to your information and data when your server (physical or virtual) suffers a catastrophic failure?  Do you have a Plan B?  If so, how sound is it?

These questions usually haunt network administrators and IT Managers on an almost daily basis.  To avoid scrambling around when the unthinkable happens, it would be best to plan out and invest in a failover strategy that you can set and forget.


Deploying a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a dependable solution that can be relied upon in the event of a natural or human-error server failure.  DRaaS replicates and hosts your servers within a third party datacentre at a separate location to ensure that your information remains safe and sound and can be brought online at key disaster recovery times.  Off-site hosting ensures that you have access to your data even when you lose power or functionality to local devices or servers.

So how can trusting an off-site vendor to host and replicate your data benefit you in the end:

Cost efficient safety net

The truth of the matter is that it costs a small fortune to build, implement and maintain your own off-site data recovery environment.  However, a DRaaS provider can help bridge that cost divide.

DRaaS suppliers already have the infrastructure and the team in place.  For a nominal fee you can use their facilities and teams to keep your data safe and your own IT Manager/IT Company acting as the medium between them and you.  This means, that you can eliminate the overhead costs of an off-site location, the server build cost and the employee costs to maintain it.

When data and site recovery becomes this affordable and accessible, it is hard to turn your back to it.  It just makes too much operational sense.

Gives SMB access to data recovery expertise

The majority of the time, small and medium businesses are too busy or too leveraged growing their companies to bother about building a sound disaster recovery plan (DRP).  They neither have the funds nor the professionals to create and implement it.

DRaaS gives these companies access to much needed expertise to provide, facilitate and test their DRP, together with insightful reports to provide you with business recovery times that, in some cases, can reduce your annual professional indemnity insurance premium. Not-to-mention being able to provide this key business continuity information to company owners and stakeholders.

When you implement DRaaS, you are essentially gaining access to a repository of infrastructure with its complementary resource of security and support experts.


Contracts can be adapted to changing business requirements

Businesses are constantly changing and hopefully, growing.  As such the requirements of a business is ever changing as well.  If a business had its own off-site Disaster Recovery (DR), it would need to change just as frequently as well.  There are costs associated to such a massive change and a business can quickly find itself spread too thin.  Gaps in coverage would undoubtedly appear and data would be at risk.

The flexible nature of DRaaS contracts accommodates nicely to growth and change.  Often the client can choose from a payment type that can meet their recovery/security policies as well as their financial needs.  Fixed term contracts or “pay-per-use” allow clients a way to maintain coverage without having to break the bank.

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