4 Productivity Wins When Using A Cloud Terminal Server

Virtualising terminal servers are quickly becoming de facto practice in many of today’s companies.  This allows companies to be more nimble and alleviate much needed hardware budget.  But there is also a side bonus in that it also increases the productivity of users.


Below we take a look at 4 ways that virtual cloud terminal servers heighten the user experience:

Decrease hardware bloat

The name of the game here is virtual.  As in, not physically there.  In order to accommodate a company’s ever growing user count, it would have had to traditionally purchase, install and implement more server boxes.  This takes money and a lot of it.  It also takes man hours to perform the install and maintain the server infrastructure.  With the advent of cloud terminal servers, administrators can simply purchase fewer but more powerful servers and then proceed to virtualise machines across them.

The result is that you can get the same amount of performance (if not better) using less or no hardware.  This means less or no floor space used, with cloud server platforms like Microsoft Azure or VMware vCloud there are no upfront costs only monthly operating costs, alleviating the need to dig into the business’ cash flow. Finally, less machines to maintain equals fewer staff needed to keep things up and running.  You are able to accommodate your expanding user base without breaking the bank.

Easier to implement fail-safes

Entrusting 1000+ users to a single terminal server box is great and all, but what happens to those users if that box suffers a catastrophic failure.  Without a properly placed and thoroughly implement disaster recovery or business continuity plan, mayhem is sure to ensue.  Employee’s day-to-day ability to perform will be halted, data flow will be interrupted and information will be at risk.

Having a cloud terminal server allows you to decrease the amount of users and information at risk by creating a number of smaller virtual terminal servers.  Instead of hosting a thousand or more users on one server, each cloud server can house a hundred or so users.  The goal is that in the event of a server crash or failure, only a subset of your entire user base will be exposed and if you introduce elements such as load balancing and failover then you can reduce that number to almost zero.
Cloud Terminal Server

Session mobility

The arrival of cloud terminal servers meant that sessions could finally be migrated from server to server without completely disrupting the server.  Previously, you would have to ask or force all users to logoff from one server and log back on to a different server before taking it offline to perform maintenance or migration work.

Thanks to the virtualisation of servers, this is now a thing of the past (for the most part).  A cloud terminal server is more dynamic and can be live migrated at a moments notice as well as the sessions themselves.  The need to “drain” users from a server is no longer needed and if that is required, the impact to the user is almost non existent.

High availability

User experience has never been better.  Cloud terminal servers are always available and sit outside of your network. If your office is struck with a power failure, doesn’t matter, staff can still logon to the terminal servers and continue to work from another location. Virtualising servers can also be load balanced with automation included . There is no longer any need to manually direct users from server to server.  Users are not only automatically shunted to the least busy server, but to the least busy hardware.  This makes sure that users always have the fastest processing speeds available to them increasing work productivity.  More importantly, features such as disaster recovery and high availability can be more easily and cost-effectively implemented. If there is a serious issue with a terminal server, the technology that sits behind them is so smart that it can automatically move users instantly and live between terminal servers automatically. There is also far less downtime or none at all for maintenance or performance upgrades/improvements as virtual terminal servers can be brought offline, new ones provisioned quickly whilst users are still able to work from a pool of others. So never again will you hear from the IT Department, “sorry you can’t logon this weekend as the terminal server will be offline for maintenance”.

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