August Link Roundup

With the ever-changing landscape of IT security, it’s important to stay current.

Every month, Amazing Support brings you a link roundup of relevant news and articles in the interest of keeping our customers and readers fully informed on what new or recurring security dangers exist on the internet, whilst offering the best possible solutions to maintain the integrity of their IT networks.

It’s really worth reading these and staying up-to-date.

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When businesses think of establishing offices in the UK, they automatically think of London. But rising property and rental prices (not to mention the congestion charges) make it very difficult for small to medium-sized businesses to stick around.

Businesses wanting to remain competitive without breaking the bank have been turning to Hertfordshire instead.

Year after year new companies are created within London’s borders, why 2015 alone saw the birth of 200,000 startups, an increase of 4.6% since the previous year.

Amazing Support Around The Web:

Following the Charlie Hedbo massacre, David Cameron had proposed a law to ban all forms of encryption in the UK. Under Theresa May’s leadership, the proposal was legitimised and is now known as the Investigatory Powers Bill (IPB).

The IPB would force tech companies to create backdoors in their encryptions. Because hackers will undoubtedly try to take advantage of such loopholes, consumers data would be at risk.

Read more about the IPB and it’s potential consequences on IT security here.


Businesses are getting smarter about protecting their data against malicious hackers. To this end, many companies have implemented Multi-Factor Authentication.

Most recently, Office 365 has started offering built-in MFA to their customers.

Learn how you can protect business-critical data by setting up MFA for your Office 365 suite.


Nowadays, many businesses are making the switch to cloud terminals. Not only is it more cost-effective than investing in unnecessary of hardware, it even leads to more productivity for your employees.

The main benefit of using the cloud is, of course, being able to access your data from anywhere you have internet access. But there are tons of other perks as well.

To learn more about all the ways cloud computing can help increase productivity for your business, check out this article.

Other Important News:

In a private letter to clients, SWIFT said that new cyber-theft attempts – some of them successful – have surfaced since June.

A Russian hacking group linked to a series of computer intrusions at the Democratic National Committee and other organizations is now targeting Washington think tanks focused on Russian policy.

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