Beware of fake Covid-19 vaccine invite emails

Fake phishing emails stating that people have been selected to receive Covid-19 vaccinations are being sent to innocent members of the public for the last month.

The NHS themselves has warned people to be vigilant about fake invitations to have the coronavirus vaccination, sent by fraud scammers.

The phishing email includes a link to “register” for the vaccine or to “accept” the invite to be vaccinated. However, there is no registration required for the real NHS vaccination.

Example of one fake Covid-19 vaccine email

DO NOT click on any of the links contained in the email, should you receive one. DELETE the email immediately. The link leads to a fake phishing website asking for bank details to verify identification and/or to make a payment.

The NHS would never ask for bank details, the vaccine is 100% free, as shown from the NHS twitter announcement message below:

Be vigilant and stay safe.

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