Block Support Renewal


Please fill in the form to let us know the number of block support hours you would like to renew.

We’ll then email a quote for you to e-sign and arrange payment.

Block Support Terms:
1. Block Hours are valid for 12 months 2. Block Hours are paid in advance in full and if a mandate has been setup the renewal amount will be taken by Direct Debit 3. Renewal reminders are sent when 1 block hour is left 4. 30 days notice of cancellation is required on a no-refund basis 5. Minimum remote time spent is 6 mins 6. Minimum on-site time spent is 1 hour 7. Prices exclude VAT 8. All block support renewals are in accordance with our Standard Terms and Conditions, visit this link to review them: https://www.amazingsupport.co.uk/standard-terms

I confirm and accept the Block Support Terms and want to renew the Block Hours Quantity selected