Borehamwood – A lot more than a small town.

Head northwest on the M1 from the London core and you are bound to hit the unapologetically suburban town of Borehamwood.

This small-ish town of over 33,000 people in southern Hertfordshire represents your town situated in London’s outskirts. Drastically more affordable housing than glitzy London, a short commute to the business district and close to a major highway (the M1) in case you want to partake in the vehicular soup known as London traffic.

Understandably, Borehamwood has since garnered the attention of those seeking to remove themselves from the expensive and congested London boroughs and move to a place where their money goes further, have some more space and a bit more peace and quiet. For years upon years, Borehamwood was relegated as a bedroom community with the majority of its inhabitants making the trek to London offices on a daily basis. But all that has started to change.

Within the last decade or so, the headquarters of companies like Pizza Hut, the UK subsidiary of T-Mobile and Barclays have taken root in Borehamwood. Their attraction to the town is similar to that of many of its residents. Lower overhead costs and proximity to the hustle and bustle of the big city. From Borehamwood, CEO’s and sales representatives are still able to maintain close contacts with shareholders, clients and media without alienating themselves due to distance.

Some things don’t change no matter where your business moves to. One of these comes in the form of IT security. Hackers and cybercriminals don’t care if you move to the moon. As long as you have internet access they’re still going to be out to get you. For larger companies like Pizza Hut or Barclays this simply means engaging their IT management department and realigning their protocols to suit their new location. However, the majority of other business do not share this luxury. Many businesses don’t have IT teams, much less entire IT departments. More often than not SMB (small-medium businesses) place the responsibility squarely on the shoulders of a single individual. A small subsection of these do not even have this guy and choose to handle all the IT management themselves.

With this in mind it is understandable how an oversight or improper implementation of security or a service can occur.

There is just too many things to deal with for a single pair of eyes and hands. That’s where IT services companies can come into play. These companies are professionals, with expertise and experience that can usually rival that of the in-house teams that larger companies utilise. IT support in Borehamwood is available from a company such as these, and they take the burden of coming up with an IT solution, implementing it and then managing it. These outsourced IT pros allow you, the business owner, to do what you do best and that is to engage clients, grow your customer base and your revenue.

Of course, these companies do charge a fee for their service, but those who would balk at this should keep in mind the costs to their business had an IT service company not been engaged. What kind of losses and vulnerabilities are they exposing themselves to?

Who are Amazing Support?

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