Business is booming in Hertfordshire – no, really!

When people think of doing business in the UK, the inevitable and understandable answer would be London.

It is the capital city of the country, the main hub of commerce for most of Western Europe and it serves as a critical link to North American markets. But it is also contains the highest density of people in all of England. With so many people and businesses jockeying for position the competition is at an all-time high.

Then there is the cost of doing business to consider. If you have a business that utilises vehicles or some sort of motorised fleet that must make its way in an out of central London then you will face the congestion charges that is levied by the city. Property and rental prices are also through the roof throughout the majority of the City of London. Fortunately, business owners and those looking to set up shop in England but still want to remain competitive have found a place where they can do so without breaking the bank.

Twenty-two miles north from the heart of London lies the county of Hertfordshire. Over the last decade or two, the ten districts that comprise Hertfordshire have experienced an influx of people and companies, many of them with internationally known names, that have had enough with London’s traffic, competition and costs. Film studios such as Elstree StudiosWarner Bros., pharmaceuticals giant GlaxoSmithKline and companies like Tesco all have offices in some part of Hertfordshire. There has even been a film produced called Elstree 1976 about the original Star Wars trilogy that were filmed in the studios in Borehamwood.

The proximity of many Hertfordshire districts to the hustle and bustle of London provides businesses with access to meetings and such in the big city without actually being trapped inside of it. The flexibility and cost savings is what attracts a lot of companies and their employees to make the move to Hertfordshire.

University of Hertfordshire law court building

But just because you leave the city doesn’t mean that you avoid big city problems. Businesses must still be aware of the dangers and repercussions of issues like data breaches, and how their own lives and companies can be touched by this. Take companies like Tesco and the Hertfordshire NHS Trust for example. Both have suffered severe data breaches due to different reasons. Tesco had their database hacked while the latter had sensitive company and client information released onto the internet by a missing USB drive. Data and IT breaches are no joke. They cost companies like those mentioned above millions (and usually more) on an annual basis. They have the potential to cripple companies and put their clients, patients and employees at risk.

Companies making the northward march to Hertfordshire should keep the security mentality that they employed while in London.

Criminals, hackers and fraudsters know no city limits in this digital age where they can attack from continents away. The same rings true for foreign companies looking to set up shop in St. Albans, Watford, BorehamwoodHatfield, Stevenage and Hertfordshire’s other towns and cities. The last 5 years has seen over a hundred foreign businesses plant their flags on Hertfordshire city centres and began conducting their business, and with so many targets (which includes national and local businesses as well) Hertfordshire is looking like a golden sign post for many cybercriminals.

If your business lacks the knowledge, experience, expertise or budget to manage your own IT security, consider seeking the help of an IT services company, that will take the reins when it comes to implementing and managing your IT security needs. These are highly skilled IT professionals that are in tune with the latest security threats that are plaguing the industry and what is needed to combat them.

Amazing Support is one such company that provides IT Support in Hertfordshire.

Who are Amazing Support?

To find out more about our IT services in Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas, read here.


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