Business owners reluctant to sign up to IT Support Contracts

We have had an interesting month here at Amazing Support….

New customers have come on board who are now paying for user, workstation, server and network support on a monthly basis. Good news for us and good news for our customers as they felt that they had no choice but to outsource their IT to a qualified IT Support Company and quite rightly so. In order to maximise on internal efficiency, system uptime and cost, outsourcing all of their IT to us just made sense.

However, by contrast we have also seen a few potential customers decide not to sign up with us. Although I do not take these circumstances personally as in these instances they were not even looking at a competitor! However, it is worrying, especially for those who are reliant on their server network, that they do not see IT as a beneficial or important enough overhead to work into their budget.

It is extremely important that your IT is monitored, managed and supported by a professional IT Services company. If servers are not installed at a site then you can get by from using an ad-hoc service from an IT Company. However, in this instance, the majority of files are being saved on user workstations. Should these systems go down, what then? Who do you call? Do you get out the yellow pages?

What about companies who do use a server to manage their customer information and emails. Should this technical device crash or for a serious problem to occur, who do you call? What do you do when your business is down because of lack of IT Support. You will be losing money minute-by-minute from the business not being able to operate and all to save a few hundred pounds a month.

These circumstances are factual and the answer to this is, pre-empt these situations. Sign up even for just basic network monitoring and user support on a monthly contract. It is not expensive and when a situation does occur, those business owners will be thankful to be able to benefit from the levels of service an IT Support Contract buys you. Plus with the knowledge that a service is being paid for, businesses will actually use their new resources for a number of different reasons; IT advice, IT project management, IT consultancy, IT strategy, even IT budgets and they will feel that at last, not only do they have an external IT Department at their fingertips, but their company is supported, managed and recoverable from a business continuity standpoint.

Don’t wait until something breaks and don’t let your company fall into a potential operational pitfall, speak to your preferred IT Company and get yourself supported.

Morris - Morris Treger

Great service!

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Problem sorted thanks to Mohammad :)

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Quick and easy as everything was done for me.

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The guy who helped me was very polite and patient. Also helped me resolve my issue quickly.

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Excellent service - Thank You!

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I was contacted within a few minutes of reporting the issue and within 30 minutes all was sorted. I\'m not totally IT literate but Mohammad was patient and explained everything simply.

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I had an issue with Spam email that Mohammed dealt with speedily and efficiently.

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Quick service, e-mailed and someone phoned me back within 15 minutes.

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Very quick response, cleared issue very quickly.