Is your business wasting valuable work time social-ising?

30% of all employees spend up to 2 hours each day pointlessly browsing online or using social media

(Source: The Telegraph –


It is extremely frustrating walking past a colleague’s or employee’s desk and they are happily liking a video of a cat scratching a dog on Facebook, browsing Instagram, or re-tweeting their friend’s photo from the previous night, whilst you’re taking that sales call or building a projection report.

There are ways to tackle this issue and ultimately it’s not just to prevent valuable and costly time wastage at work, it also protects the business from online threats.


A good start is to talk to your staff, go through the company manual for example and explain what is allowed to be browsed at work and what is not allowed. If you start with a good solid foundation that staff have to comply to, then that is half the battle won.

A lot of businesses, whether flexibly or through their IT network also allow their staff to use social media sites, video sites, holiday comparison and search engines sites during a set time usually during lunch.

The problem is however, with this trust method and especially for some users, if there is an open door it will get walked through.

Social Media


A more serious and manageable step is to actively prevent staff from browsing a whole host of websites and social media platforms through web and content filtering.

This can be achieved through internal hardware solutions that manage this on special devices within your office or alternatively through cloud based services that do not require any hardware. Both will actively stop your staff from being able to access the sites you deem not-for-business-use and also protect the business from online threats.


Viruses such as CryptoLocker are not just transmitted via email, they are also transmitted over the web through both unscrupulous and clean websites (the clean websites do not realise they have been hijacked). These can have untold and damaging effects on your business data, business continuity and business recovery times.

Another more recent example is fraudulent email spoofing which a lot of the time starts from a file being downloaded (hidden from the user’s point of view) usually from a seemingly genuine email (although it is not) to your computer from the web. This then enables spoofers, hijackers and fraudsters to gain access to your machine to monitor and hijack your email transactions and day-to-day actions.

Web security filtering will block and prevent these types of dangerous scenarios from happening to you and your business at the first point of contact and is a complete preventative measure to reduce business risk, ensure business continuity as well as managing staff productivity.

In terms of “locking down”, it is very flexible and you can allow scheduled access during certain times to the not-for-business-use websites, restricted access for some staff and allow more unrestricted access for managers and owners.


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