Layered Security – Two locks are better than one

2fa security

Redundant security has been a tried and true method of decreasing or deterring breaches for hundreds of years. The Romans did it. Their forts were never guarded by just a single soldier. There would be at least two soldiers per wall, or more depending on the size of the structure being guarded. Fast forward a … Read more

Who cares what the public thinks?

Posted by Jamie Claret of Legal Futures Associate The Amazing Support Company I recently had a disturbing conversation with a local law firm about their name appearing on Solicitors from Hell. This website has gained a lot of attention from the press and has become infamous in the way that anyone is able to anonymously put details of … Read more

Working Remotely Part 1

Working Remotely Part 1 In the first of a two-part feature on mobile working, Jamie Claret looks at the new technologies that are allowing people the flexibility to work away from the office.