Wired vs Wireless Networks: Advantages & Disadvantages

When it comes to choosing between wired and wireless networking, there’s no right or wrong choice. It all depends on what your business needs are! Even though widespread wireless connectivity presents everyone with a new era of mobility, it may or may not be the best choice for your business. Similarly, it’s not wise to … Read more

What is a Firewall and Why is it Necessary?

To prevent hackers from acting on their bad intentions and making your business operations come to a halt, it’s important to use a firewall system. If you are using a computer that runs a modern operating system, there’s a good chance that you are already using a firewall. Firewalls are widely used in both personal … Read more

VoIP vs SIP – What’s the Difference? Which is Best?

With the majority of the workforce now working from home, it’s becoming crucial to implement business communications systems that can effectively support this new mode of operations. Increasingly, businesses are switching from traditional phone lines to softphones or internet-based phone systems, all thanks to the ease-of-use and a wide set of features that come with … Read more

10 Best VoIP Phone Systems for Small UK Businesses

With no maintenance required, pay-as-you-go pricing structure, and secure cloud storage, hosted voice-over-IP (VoIP) services are just the kind of hassle-free telecom solution most modern businesses need. Gone are the days when businesses had to invest in setting up infrastructure for self-hosted telephony services and spend a fortune just to keep it operational. Modern Voice-over-IP … Read more

Christmas and New Year 2020-21 Opening Hours

Opening days and times during Christmas/New Year: We are open on 24th December 2020 (9am to 12pm only). On December 28th–30th (standard office hours) and 31st (9am to 12pm only) we will be operating our Service Level Agreement (SLA) on critical incidents only (P1). If you do have a critical incident or an emergency, please call or email us as … Read more

A Closer Look at the Benefits and Privacy Issues of Smart Cities

Today, at least one-third of the world’s population lives in cities. The number of people living in urban areas is projected to hit 70 percent or thereabouts by 2050. But do our cities really have the capacity to accommodate the additional 2.5 billion people predicted to live there in the next few decades? Having that … Read more

Tips to Keep Your Business Secure from Cyber Threats Whilst Your Staff Works From Home: Part 3

With cyber-crime constantly on the rise, virtually all businesses in the UK are exposed to serious cybersecurity risks as their workforce continues to operate remotely. On top of that, hackers are now more efficient than ever at using a variety of tools and tactics designed to trick your remote staff into revealing sensitive business information. … Read more

Tips to Keep Your Business Secure from Cyber Threats Whilst Your Staff Works From Home: Part 2

If you haven’t yet read our previous piece in this blog series, which explains what steps your organisation needs to take in order to check cybersecurity risks, we recommend that you go through it first to understand this topic better – here. In this article, we cover some of the most important steps your IT … Read more

Tips to Keep Your Business Secure from Cyber Threats Whilst Your Staff Works From Home: Part 1

In times like these, organisations need to seriously consider laying a strong foundation for enterprise-grade cybersecurity policies as if it’s a dire necessity and not just an option anymore. Work-from-home policies and social distancing protocols have been widely adopted by organisations across the globe, regardless of the size of their operations, to safeguard not just … Read more

Cybersecurity Tips for Employees Working Remotely

Remote connectivity of the workforce presents a unique set of challenges on the information security front. Remote work is not only essential at the moment, it’s the need of the hour – especially for organisations planning to work with remote talent and implement business continuity plans. Having said this, it has never been as important … Read more

Steps to login to the new email filtering control panel

As a result of the issues experienced earlier in the year with the current email security filtering system (FireEye/The Email Laundry), our email security cloud distributor is introducing a replacement system (Hornet Security) which has 9 datacentres to increase availability and to ensure a better uptime of service. The new email security filtering system will provide identical filtering … Read more