Tips to Keep Your Business Secure from Cyber Threats Whilst Your Staff Works From Home: Part 2

If you haven’t yet read our previous piece in this blog series, which explains what steps your organisation needs to take in order to check cybersecurity risks, we recommend that you go through it first to understand this topic better – here. In this article, we cover some of the most important steps your IT … Read more

Tips to Keep Your Business Secure from Cyber Threats Whilst Your Staff Works From Home: Part 1

In times like these, organisations need to seriously consider laying a strong foundation for enterprise-grade cybersecurity policies as if it’s a dire necessity and not just an option anymore. Work-from-home policies and social distancing protocols have been widely adopted by organisations across the globe, regardless of the size of their operations, to safeguard not just … Read more

Steps to login to the new email filtering control panel

As a result of the issues experienced earlier in the year with the current email security filtering system (FireEye/The Email Laundry), our email security cloud distributor is introducing a replacement system (Hornet Security) which has 9 datacentres to increase availability and to ensure a better uptime of service. The new email security filtering system will provide identical filtering … Read more

5 Reasons Why Regular Cyber Security Audits are Now More Important Than Ever

While most businesses need to constantly monitor their financials, many SMBs still believe cyber security is something which they can simply “set and forget”. Unfortunately, that’s far from reality, since cyber criminals keep coming up with new ways of attacking their target organisations. But the recent global pandemic has fueled a surge in cyber attacks … Read more

Steps to setup the MFA Office 365 Security Update

As a response to the global cyber threat activity, we are making it mandatory for all customers using Office 365 to use 2-step verification aka Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) by way of a secondary security code to login to Office 365 accounts. This will ensure external cyber threat actors cannot compromise your Office 365 accounts and to reduce the chances further … Read more