Amazing Support awarded Microsoft’s Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions competency [Announcement]

Amazing Support Managed IT Support awarded Microsoft Competency

Hertfordshire IT Support company sets itself apart from other Managed IT Support and IT Solutions providers by demonstrating their success in adopting Microsoft’s cloud technology platforms and obtaining client commitment to midmarket cloud solutions. [divider] Amazing Support, a Microsoft accredited specialist Managed IT Support and IT Consultancy business today announced it has achieved Microsoft’s Silver … Read more

Is your business wasting valuable work time social-ising?


30% of all employees spend up to 2 hours each day pointlessly browsing online or using social media (Source: The Telegraph – [divider] It is extremely frustrating walking past a colleague’s or employee’s desk and they are happily liking a video of a cat scratching a dog on Facebook, browsing Instagram, or re-tweeting their friend’s … Read more

CryptoLocker, the myth, the legend, the way to avoid


I am not going to lie to you…if you already have CryptoLocker then you are most likely are in serious trouble! Especially if your system restore fails or you do not have an external clean copy of your data. However if you haven’t had CryptoLocker, then there are a couple of things you can do to … Read more

Did Alexander Graham Bell think it would go this far?

VOIP - Telcoms - Broadband

When Alexander Graham Bell made the infamous and experimental call to Thomas Watson in March 1876, he could not have imagined how far today’s telephony has grown. The technology today for telephones, phone systems and voice services is completely different from the device he used to call Thomas Watson on. Even in the last 2-3 years and with ISDN … Read more

Periodic Disaster Recovery Testing

Disaster Recovery Planning & Testing

To ensure our clients are the best protected and aware of their Business Continuity, we offer periodic Disaster Recovery (DR) Testing. Usually we would recommend bi-annual DR Testing but these can be more frequent should your regulatory/professional bodies or stakeholders require this. The entire planning, execution and results of our DR Tests are documented properly … Read more

To Host or Not To Host, That is the Question

4 Reasons Why You Should Pay More for Enterprise Web And App Hosting

This is the scratchy head topic that all forward-thinking businesses deliberate on It is a subject of great financial debate for companies, small to large and the decision to host or not to host can either save you money or pour much needed cashflow from your IT budget straight down the drain. However, there is … Read more

Is your backup putting your back up?

Managed Backups

Backups, shmackups! Do you have constant frustrations with your backups? Are they painstakingly manual, swapping tapes or USB drives daily, weekly or monthly? Do they continuously fail for no apparent reason or repeatedly fail for the same reason! Do you have to “copy, paste” data onto external devices yourself…when you remember! Do your backups actually work, … Read more

Disaster Recovery testing, a must but planning is essential

Disaster Recovery - Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery (DR) testing helps to ensure that a company can recover data, infrastructure systems, restore business critical applications and continue business operations after an interruption or downtime of critical services. This may be from acts of god, terrorism or a serious problem with the IT equipment causing mission critical systems to be impacted and disaster recovery steps to be … Read more

Job Opportunity – Technical Manager

Business IT & New Recruits

Job Spec – Technical Manager We are excited to offer the position of Technical Manager at our fast growing IT Support and Consultancy business based in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire. Amazing Support is an IT Support and Managed Services provider servicing small and medium sized businesses in the Central and Greater London area. Our clients range from … Read more

11-point action plan for a new IT Manager’s first month

Business IT & New Recruits

So you’ve just landed that plum job as IT Manager. You can barely remember what you wrote on the application form, let alone what you promised at the job interview. And now you’ve got to deliver results. Few jobs can be as demanding or as thankless as IT Manager. And many new IT managers flounder … Read more

How many times should my server go down in 2014?

Server Support & Management

Sorry to bring back painful memories: how often did your server go down last year? And how often should we expect them to go down? Sure, nobody wants their server to go down at all! But, back in the real world, servers do go down. Few organisations have the resources or the luck to maintain … Read more

Business owners reluctant to sign up to IT Support Contracts

We have had an interesting month here at Amazing Support…. New customers have come on board who are now paying for user, workstation, server and network support on a monthly basis. Good news for us and good news for our customers as they felt that they had no choice but to outsource their IT to … Read more