Snowfall causing distruption

As a result of the severe snowfall, please note that we are taking calls from all clients should they need staff to work from home this week. We have also noticed that due to the weather, a number of internet connections with various Internet Service Providers are intermittent. If you require your staff to be … Read more

The changing methods and impact of communication in our IT-integrated world

Before the existence of the internet there were not too many methods of communicating in a fast and efficient way. If you were not face to face with a person, you would make a telephone call or perhaps write a letter and although we still use the telephone, or more favourably in the last 10 … Read more

Remote Support – It’s Like Having an Always Available IT Team, But Without the Added Salary

What is Remote Support? DEFINITION: A secure service that allows a representative to assist an end-user in solving computer problems, either by showing what steps to take through screen sharing, or with permission, taking control of the computer and performing a task remotely. Remote Support is a relatively recent and innovative technology which allows any … Read more