Oh no, Windows XP is dead!

We all knew it was happening and now it really is here, from 8th April 2014 Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP. This means no more security updates, no more hotfixes, no more service packs, nada and means that if you continue to use your computer with Windows XP it will be vulnerable to … Read more

How many times should my server go down in 2014?

Server Support & Management

Sorry to bring back painful memories: how often did your server go down last year? And how often should we expect them to go down? Sure, nobody wants their server to go down at all! But, back in the real world, servers do go down. Few organisations have the resources or the luck to maintain … Read more

Businesses IT at risk from failing industry requirements

Amazing Support took on 3 new IT Support clients in London this month and ran a comprehensive security scan on their client network systems. We were horrified to realise that the IT infrastructure was very exposed and not compliant with industry requirements. Has your IT Support Company given you a Business IT Risk Report? http://bit.ly/1cCda9J

Your SBS 2003 server will literally bring down your business!

Brief update The Microsoft Small Business Server range (aka SBS), that has been the staple IT system for small businesses (up to 75 users) since 2003 will no longer be available for purchase from the end of 2013. OEM editions (licenses tied to single hardware only) may be available for a little while longer as the … Read more

Business owners reluctant to sign up to IT Support Contracts

We have had an interesting month here at Amazing Support…. New customers have come on board who are now paying for user, workstation, server and network support on a monthly basis. Good news for us and good news for our customers as they felt that they had no choice but to outsource their IT to … Read more

The changing methods and impact of communication in our IT-integrated world

Before the existence of the internet there were not too many methods of communicating in a fast and efficient way. If you were not face to face with a person, you would make a telephone call or perhaps write a letter and although we still use the telephone, or more favourably in the last 10 … Read more

Business IT Consultants and When To Use Them

Every business owner understands how difficult it is finding that perfect candidate who can pretty much do every task you throw them for a salary that won’t empty your pocket. However, with increasing unemployment and candidates willing to take any job for perhaps lower than their previous salary, a business owner needs to think “Am … Read more

Small Business IT Planning – The Importance of Being Earnest

Small Business IT Planning is a very serious topic for small businesses but many small or growing companies do not fully prioritise their IT growth. It is fair to say that without IT a business could not function, so there is no excuse thinking IT as a second priority. From a sole-trading plumber who emails … Read more

Keeping Your PC or Laptop Healthy

6 months or a year have now passed, you’re constantly trying to avoid the egg timer or blue circle and you are finding enough time to make a coffee whilst doing simple tasks such as opening a small word processor document or your outlook emails. Perhaps it is just taking ten minutes to boot up … Read more

Why using an IT company in your local area will pay you dividends

Any good business knows how vital it is to rely on local services for advice and support. It is only at the times you need help the most when on-demand, on-your-doorstop assistance is absolutely obligatory for business continuity. We have very good relationships with businesses in our North London area because we understand the importance … Read more