VoIP vs SIP – What’s the Difference? Which is Best?

With the majority of the workforce now working from home, it’s becoming crucial to implement business communications systems that can effectively support this new mode of operations. Increasingly, businesses are switching from traditional phone lines to softphones or internet-based phone systems, all thanks to the ease-of-use and a wide set of features that come with … Read more

10 Best VoIP Phone Systems for Small UK Businesses

With no maintenance required, pay-as-you-go pricing structure, and secure cloud storage, hosted voice-over-IP (VoIP) services are just the kind of hassle-free telecom solution most modern businesses need. Gone are the days when businesses had to invest in setting up infrastructure for self-hosted telephony services and spend a fortune just to keep it operational. Modern Voice-over-IP … Read more

Job Opportunity – Part Time Office Administrator


ABOUT US We are an IT company offering Managed IT Support and IT security to SME’s in and around the Greater London area. We are a small but dedicated team who aim to offer ‘amazing’ support and service across all elements of the business and not limited to client facing roles. We are based in … Read more

6 Services That We Offer That You Probably Didn’t Know About

Managed IT Support Services

At Amazing Support, we offer a lot of services –including Managed IT Support, Cloud Solutions and IT Consultancy. However, you might not know that we can offer even more than that! Here is an overview of some of our additional IT support services available for your business. 1. Office Relocations Moving office is just like … Read more

Did Alexander Graham Bell think it would go this far?

VOIP - Telcoms - Broadband

When Alexander Graham Bell made the infamous and experimental call to Thomas Watson in March 1876, he could not have imagined how far today’s telephony has grown. The technology today for telephones, phone systems and voice services is completely different from the device he used to call Thomas Watson on. Even in the last 2-3 years and with ISDN … Read more

Telephone Issues – 02/07/13

Dear Amazing Clients, We are experiencing intermittent telephone issues today with our VOIP telephone system. This is causing some clients not able to hear our support team or the advice on the phone is breaking at intervals. We are currently speaking with our Internet Service Provider to assist in resolving this issue. Should the telephone … Read more