Celebrating 10 Years in Business

Dear all,

Today marks a very special day, the day that our company has been in business for 10 Years!

On February 16th 2007 our business started in a bedroom in North West London with some basic principles – to run a company that was honest and ethical, that provided a great service and held the customer at the forefront. In fact our strap line in those days was, “We know what it’s like to be a customer”!

Our ethos was also to deliver essential IT solutions backed by amazing business IT support, something that has remained consistent throughout these 10 years and continues to be.

A one-man-band with a few contractors later became a rented office with a couple of apprentices.

Making our first £100k was a BIG DEAL and then came a company merger and a trading name change. 2 staff became 5 which then became 10. £100k turnover became £300k which then became £700k.

Looking back over the last 10 years and christmas party photos, we’ve had over 30 people work for us, won awards, shared grateful times and endured painful times. All growth and learning experiences that has taken and led us to today, 2017.

This year, 10 years after the creation and formation of that business dream, we are still living it with a fantastic team beside us, lovely clients and on track to be a £Million turnover company.

Together with the business partners, clients, staff, contractors, consultants, advisors, family and friends who helped get us here, we are thankful to still be here and to still be going strong.

With much love and appreciation, thank you to you all.

Best wishes,

10 Years in Business IT Support





David Share

Morris - Morris Treger

Great service!

Jane - Blackjack's Mill Ltd

Problem sorted thanks to Mohammad :)

Laurence - Silva Timber Products Ltd

Quick and easy as everything was done for me.

Petra - Chelsea Psychology Clinic

The guy who helped me was very polite and patient. Also helped me resolve my issue quickly.

Sangita - Banana Tree

Excellent service - Thank You!

Tony - Minerva MC

I was contacted within a few minutes of reporting the issue and within 30 minutes all was sorted. I\'m not totally IT literate but Mohammad was patient and explained everything simply.

Fran - FMC Ltd

I had an issue with Spam email that Mohammed dealt with speedily and efficiently.

Paul - Silva Timber Ltd

Quick service, e-mailed and someone phoned me back within 15 minutes.

Andy - Adams Mitchell

Very quick response, cleared issue very quickly.