Dark Web scanning, what is it and is it important?

In order to answer what dark web scanning is, first we need to explain what the dark web actually is

A good way to explain the dark web is by the “iceberg” image below and how the internet is sliced up.

The top slice of the internet, the Surface Web is where we all spend the majority of our time daily on things such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, general browsing, Amazon, shopping and so on.

The middle slice of the internet is the Deep Web, which contains huge databases of information, such as Companies data, Academic documents, legal, scientific and financial records. Some examples would be Companies House, Land Registry, Academia.Edu. We would spend small but some amount of time within this section throughout the year but we would visit these websites for practical and valid reasons.

The bottom slice of the internet is the Dark Web and is where extremely serious, sensitive and dangerous websites reside and activities occur. This is where criminals hunt, stalk, sell and you can only access this part of the internet with a special browser. An example of the type of information that sits in the dark web are personal, financial, business information and credentials that have been harvested through various cyber attacks and sold on the dark web aka the black market.

Normal everyday people would spend absolutely no time within the Dark Web whatsoever, however the dark web makes up a huge amount of content on the internet.

Now that we’ve explained what the dark web is, we can now explain what is dark web scanning

Dark web scanning is a way to scan this dangerous slice of the internet for compromised data such as your personal, financial or business information and credentials, and then show you within a report, what has been compromised so that you can change those details. An example would be your Office 365 email address and password. You absolutely do not want a cyber criminal having access to your email or worse if you’re also an administrator, your entire corporate email platform.

We are now able to provide immediate insight into dark web risks by running scans for dark-web exposure. It will enable your business to have clear information on compromised cyber security information and prevent that information from being utilised by cyber criminals against you.

How does dark web scanning work?

Having clear and simple visibility into your risks from the dark web ensures businesses of all sizes understand the important of protecting their data. Our dark web scan will access and search the dark web based on your company email domain (e.g. @xyz.com) and produce a report of all email accounts and passwords across your entire corporate email domain that have been compromised, which also may be for sale on the dark web.

Once you have the list of compromised accounts, we can work with you to change the credentials, enable further security measures (for example two-factor-authentication, additional layers of filtering and device monitoring) to prevent cyber attacks from compromised accounts. We can also schedule the scan to repeat on a monthly basis so that you know in real-time what passwords and accounts have been posted on the Dark Web. It will allow you to be proactive in preventing a data breach and we can then take remediation actions to protect your business from any stolen and compromised credentials that have been posted for sale on the Dark Web.


If you have had company information compromised or if you’re worried in any way about your cyber protection in regards to your business data and the dark web, contact us by calling 0203 728 2555 or fill in our request a call back form here.



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