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File-sharing just got easier, better, and cheaper [Announcement]

We’ve been file-sharing with our clients for years. If you’ve got the right service – *cough* Dropbox *cough* – it makes sharing the right files with the right people fast, simple, and secure. It’s way better than email attachments that might not get through. We already use Dropbox to safely and quickly share files with around a third of our clients. So, find out how to start using file-sharing today!

“So, what’s the announcement?” I hear you ask…

Dropbox recently selected Amazing Support (that’s us!) to become one of its first business partners in the UK and Europe.

“So what?” If you already use file-sharing or know you want to start using file-sharing, we’re now part of the inner circle when it comes to getting you the best deals, setting it up for you, and managing it for your users.

We’re even qualified to train you all to use it. (Although it’s that easy, training takes one hour, max!)

If you’re not convinced file-sharing’s for you, you’re not alone. There are still some people who haven’t sorted out these three issues:

1. Keeping information safe

Not everyone realises that emails, servers, and FTP don’t always have encryption. That can make data easy to steal or tamper with. And what about when you’re in transit? It’s not just security chiefs who leave laptops and memory sticks unattended whilst travelling!

You don’t even have to be there to delete someone’s files if you’re worried they’re about to steal them. (Think of that disgruntled ex-employee with your secret marketing files saved on their laptop!) It’s easy to remotely delete their Dropbox folder!

And, if you’re selling to people who care about compliance and certificates, Dropbox’s storage is SSAE16/SOC1, SOC2, ISAE 3402 and ISO 27001 certified on Amazon S3 and may provide data mirroring across other secure data centers. Pro tip: quote that in your sales proposals.

2. Managing a team

Staff turnover, internal promotions, and job changes mean moving files to co-workers when someone leaves or changes role. What a pain! It’s also a drain on their time, your network, and your servers. And, if they’re like practically every human being, they’ll end up with duplicates everywhere, crashing the email system, and not knowing where anything is. Moving files without a service like Dropbox is like trying to win the boat race without… well… without a boat!

It’s also a great way of keeping tabs on who’s sharing what and when.

3. Collaborating like a boss

Collaborating isn’t just a buzz word. It’s one of the main reasons we get so many testimonials. Our favourite clients are the ones we work closest with. And file-sharing makes working together easy and fast. Just think: no more zipping up large files and relying on email attachments!

Your clients get to see what you want them to see in seconds with a single mouse-click. How’s that for shortening your sales cycle, speeding up your team work, and kissing good bye to “Call me if/when you do/don’t get my email.”

Even better, file-sharing lets you pick and chose who gets to see what!

“What’s in it for Amazing Support?”

Easy: We get to differentiate our business by giving our clients the solutions they already use and are asking for. Plus: We get to wear this nifty badge:

Badge: Dropbox Solutions Provider

Convinced by file-sharing but still need to set it up? Fed up wasting time managing it yourself? Worried about losing your job in the security services? Ask us how to get Dropbox sorted out. And send a link to this article to the last person who emailed you a big, fat, secret file attachment!


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