Hemel Hempstead – The buzzing business hub!

Just across the across the M1 from St. Albans lies its neighbour to the west, Hemel Hempstead.

While the actual site where the town lies has existed in some form or another since the 8th century, it is considered relatively young as it was only incorporated into the district in 1984. Regardless, it has turned out to be one of the biggest towns in Hertfordshire and has the highest population as well.

business it support in hemel hempsteadDespite being named the ugliest town in 2013, Hemel Hampstead attracts so many people because it gives them the feeling like they are out of the big city but at the same time gives them ample options to easily head into London if need be.  Sandwiched in between the A41 and M1, Hemel Hampstead is a commuters’ dream come true.  This is bolstered by the presence of a train station that shuttles thousands of residents to their London workplaces daily.

However, it is not only individuals that have taken advantage of what Hemel Hampstead has to offer.  Businesses like Amazon have decided to set up shop within Hemel Hampstead’s historic boundaries.  British Petroleum (BP), DuPont, Epson, Aon, Hewitt, and Xerox are but a handful of companies, who along with Amazon, have traded in the high overhead costs of doing business in the city with a much more budget friendly and easier commute in Hemel Hampstead.  This is good and all but companies who want to follow the likes of those mentioned above need to remember that threats can follow beyond city borders.

Companies like Amazon and BP have entire floors of IT staff that can tackle cyber threats, but for small and medium businesses (SMBs) who have less budget and maybe even less knowledge in the subject matter often find themselves in a precarious situation.  Hire someone who knows what they’re doing or risk a breach, or worse.  The tough part is that SMBs simply do not have the wallet to match the larger companies which makes hiring top IT talent difficult, with some companies even attempting a DIY approach.

Fortunately for SMBs there is a valid and cost effective solution.  IT support companies can be thought of as IT staff for hire.  By outsourcing their IT needs to a services company, a SMB can avoid the human resources overhead needed to onboard technical staff.

They can also repurpose the time they would have spent on learning how to code, or install, or implement various pieces of technology if they opted to do things themselves.

The fact of the matter is that IT support companies are usually staffed by seasoned veterans of the IT world.  These are highly skilled and highly educated individuals who keep abreast of the current technological landscape, whether that be identifying new threats, to the implementation of new technologies.  Companies that provide IT support in Hemel Hempstead are great at what they do (which is to provide you with the IT solutions that your business sorely needs) while simultaneously allowing companies to do what they are great at; building business, reaching out to new clients and generating revenue.

Who are Amazing Support?

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