I am a PC and Windows 7 was my idea

We’ve all seen the adverts, the one with the woman in the cab, the other with the mother setting the internet usage time for her kids and another with the man explaining “his” idea on the treadmill in the gym. Love or hate them I am sure we will be seeing more of these campaign ads from Microsoft in order to win-over home users to upgrade their existing Vista computers, or to persuade Windows XP users to invest in their latest operating system.

However, this post is not to discuss the likes or dislikes of Windows 7, nor is it to criticise Microsoft’s marketing ideas. This post is to discuss one of those adverts in particular and it is the advert of the father explaining how “his powers know no limits” as he discovered (what seems to be exclusively with Windows 7) how to print, share information and media wirelessly throughout his home.

Although Windows 7 is a new operating system, the ability to network information and media wirelessly across multiple devices was available in Windows XP and is not limited to Windows 7. The problem that many users are facing is that they do not really know how to set up a network and some believe that it is expensive to implement. It is therefore unfortunate that some are still forced to use USB modems to connect to the internet and to use their computer in one single place. Shocking as this is, it is the truth.

Don’t believe it? Well we have just recently converted one such small home business from a restricted wired modem internet connection to a wireless network and although we also supplied a new laptop with Windows 7 to update their environment, their existing computer had Windows XP installed. Now all of their information on both computers is shared throughout their home network and they have the freedom to surf the web anywhere in their home.

Wireless networking is very simple to implement with a good quality wireless router and a couple of basic changes to your computers in order to share your information.

Let us break you out of your chains and give you the freedom to move and share without cables or restrictions, no matter what computer or operating system you are using.

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