Is your smartphone feeling the cold?!

In case you hadn’t checked Facebook today, it snowed in England(as an aside, it is rather amusing how people have a compulsion to share pictures of the snow in their garden? Oh well)

I had some meetings in London, so after do not my hat, scarf and gloves I checked that I had a full charge on the iPhone. I was going to be out all day, and as usual, I wanted to make sure I was full of juice(just in case their were snow drifts in Holborn or icebergs floating down the Thames!

Off I trundled to the station, about a one mile walk. On arriving at the station, having had a brief call on the way and checked a couple of emails, I was already down to 75%.

A ten minute wait for the train later and I was down another 5%. I’m not effected by BCD(Battery Compulsive Disorder) like my wife but I was a little jittery!?

As one would expect, I immediately rushed to safari and tapped In what I thought may be the cause – cold weather. Lo and behold, my hunch was correct.

The cold snap DOES have an adverse affect on smartphone batteries.

So what have I learnt today? Firstly that cold weather makes my battery die more quickly but probably more importantly I now understand why people buy those mobile phone socks.

Enjoy the snow :)!

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