IT Consultancy

For any business, employing skilled people to help drive your company processes and lead operational development forward is a costly resource.


Without the knowledge and experience, companies run the risk of becoming stationary, in potential jeopardy of complacency and making unadvised and costly decisions.


We specialise in advising, improving and ensuring that essential IT systems and processes are at their peak performance for productivity and profitability. This includes constant management and delegation to responsible people to ultimately assist you in maintaining your commercial targets.


So how do we do it?

The big picture

IT Consultancy really means having an expert who can oversee an IT project, find the right people and skills, look at the big picture from a strategic point of view and then pull from their wealth of experience and management expertise to make recommendations as appropriate, as well as help implement the right solutions.

True expert advice

With our IT Consultancy you have a senior resource you can rely on to provide you with sound, structured and measured strategic IT advice as well as assist you before, during and after board level meetings. We have found that is one of the key parts of our IT Consultancy, to enable board level people to make top level decisions once the correct evidence is in their hands and reachable expectations have been set.

Global Partnerships

We have relationships with the top global IT partners and vendors for increasing systems security, scalability and reliability, performance and productivity, business recovery and continuity and we work with you to introduce, build and manage these systems to improve internal IT operational processes, compliance and departmental management.

Flexible contracts

We offer our IT Consultancy on a per project basis, ad-hoc, regular and retainer basis and also at a strategic board level and senior management capacity on a scheduled basis. We can even place temporary, holiday cover or permanent IT Contractors to work within your business all managed through us and by us, so that you are able to get the right advice, at the right times, from the most qualified resources.

What do we offer?

Business Continuity

We’re obsessed with business continuity…we’ve seen one too many occasions where businesses have failed to take this seriously enough until after a disaster has already happened!


We know from experience that having preventative and recovery measures in place is the key to making it through those crisis periods.


If your business doesn’t have a solid business continuity and disaster recovery plan to ensure your business can continue working in the event of a systems outage or cyberattack, we can help.


It might be as simple as having data backed up locally, offsite, or in the cloud. For others being able to continue to trade immediately without experiencing any down time might be the most important.


We’re here to look at what systems and processes you currently have in place, how they are used and what your business protection goals are before making recommendations based on your priorities.

Disaster Recovery

Disasters rarely strike but as a business that helps people recover from IT disasters, we regularly see the chaos and stress that situations like this can cause.


Because these scenarios are uncommon, we’ve found that disaster recovery and business priority plans are often at the bottom of the list in terms of priority. But from experience, we can say that this is not the best way to approach such an important part of your IT plan.


At Amazing Support we have a very simple audit procedure that measures your business vulnerabilities. Using the audit, we build disaster recovery and business continuity plans that are in compliance with any regulatory bodies.


Before starting any audits, we take the time to understand what your business is trying to achieve, where your problems lie and your long term goals.


By understanding your goals as well as the existing problems and pressures, we can properly analyse the systems you already have and make recommendations with your goals in mind.


We then use the audit as a test bed of your assets against industry best practises and recognised procedures, for example cyber security. In general, we recommend clients conform to best standards as it ultimately enables us to support you better and results in a more stable system.


We also use the information captured from audits to provide you with the documentation to suggest and implement improvements to your existing systems and ultimately to understand and support your site.


By the end of an audit, you can expect to have a thorough understanding of critical, recommended and ideal changes that can help you achieve your company goals and business compliance.

Project Work

Perhaps your staff or “the boss” is complaining about the server. Or maybe you need to implement new systems or technology as part of your plans for growth and compliance.


We understand how frustrating these IT projects might be. That’s why we’ve successfully taken on hundreds of projects involving everything from installing new workstations and migrating servers to setting up enterprise level secure platforms, Wi-Fi and cloud services.


Our project team have over 10 years of experience working with all levels of users and business owners and has a wealth of experience in solving problems, implementing IT solutions and understanding growth requirements.

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