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One of the biggest and most important challenges facing any business moving to new premises is relocating your IT systems. It needs to be organised in detail to make the move as seamless as possible, minimising downtime so staff can remain operational. 


We provide expert IT support for office moves to remove the stress and make the whole process far more manageable. Our team of specialists will audit your infrastructure, assist with locating relevant service providers, while also planning and installing your new network so it works perfectly in your new offices. 

Advance Planning 

We make IT relocations easy by paying attention to the small details well in advance of the move date. This means putting together a clear plan months before hardware and systems are packed and lifted out of the door. Our team ensure nothing is overlooked so when the big day arrives everything runs like clockwork.

Hardware Preparations 

It goes without saying that the relocation of office equipment will be mapped out in advance and the same must apply to IT equipment. This means putting together a wireframe model to organise where important pieces of equipment need to be positioned. At the same time, you can plan ahead by ensuring cabling and air conditioning is in place in the new office to support the move.

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IT System Review

IT relocations present the perfect opportunity to review your current system infrastructure. We can help you identify what needs to be upgraded or supplemented. Our IT system installers will help review your service needs and current system capacities to assess if your business requires additional tools to support your growth and expectations. 

Stay Connected 

A key part of our IT support for office moves is ensuring you are online once established in the new office space. Changing to a new supplier or transferring the connection has to be planned with precision to avoid costly delays. This means having good communication with the service provider so dates are aligned and important data is accessible as soon as you go live after the move.

Back-up Systems 

Even the most detailed of plans can run into issues, which is why our IT system installers ensure we always have strong contingency plans in place. Should you experience any hardware failure it pays to have replacements on hand to spring into action. Retaining the use of old systems at the existing premises will avoid downtime while new equipment is configured and installed in the new office. 

Downtime Protection 

In many cases companies prefer to move out of office hours so important work processes are not affected. However, that is not always possible and our IT support for office moves can be as flexible as you need. Avoiding any sort of downtime is not always possible, however, with detailed planning and precision execution, we do everything possible to ensure it has minimal effect on your business. 

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What our clients say…

Sue, Affinity Financial Advisors Ltd - London

Sue, Affinity Financial Advisors Ltd - London

Amazing Support were fantastic last Friday afternoon.  The support engineer remained calm and composed, despite the fact that I wasn’t, and kept me going with good humour and professionalism.

Everything was back up and running when I thought it was a lost cause.  Massive thank you to him!!

What our clients say…

Angela, Armstrong International - London

Angela, Armstrong International - London

We had a number of outstanding tickets which had not been completed for over 6 months by our old IT company and this was not good enough…Amazing Support are a fantastic support help. 

In under a year they have helped us to upgrade and improve our infrastructure which was old and no longer supported by Microsoft.

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