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Industry report: The IT Support Industry London

What does the IT support industry look like in London?

Each company requires an internal or external source for their IT support. While there are many companies that choose to keep their IT support in-house, there are also a lot that goes with outsourcing to ensure that there’s no conflict of interest in their practices.

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Let’s take a look at the different faces of IT support in London and the positives and negatives of each one.

Hourly Company

One of the first, and most common IT support companies that you will come across in London is the pay-by-the-hour company. This company employs the use of a ‘break-fix’ practice.

This theory is based on their guarantee that your technology will, at some point, break, and they will need to fix it. These companies typically charge you by the hour for their support and may offer a discount depending on the time and the issue.

If your company is experiencing technical issues in-house, they may send an engineer to take a look. One major negative here is that these mobile engineers are often very expensive. They also typically have a minimum amount of time they’re required to work set for them by their company and won’t be paid for less.

The engineer themselves are responsible for billing and payment – it is up to them to be transparent about the time that they’ve spent with your company fixing those issues.

Another disadvantage can be found within this fairly standard level of practice. Because the engineer wants to rack up as many hours as they can for their company so that they get paid more, they’ll tend to rush through the job and not spend the time required to fix the problem entirely.

Because they want to continue receiving your business, there’s no motivation for them to show an employee of your company how to fix a simple technological issue.

Ultimately with this type of IT support found in London, you end up paying for a company like this to send out their engineer over and over again, causing loss of employee productivity.

Preventative Maintenance Company

There are a number of IT support companies out there that choose to schedule regular days of preventative maintenance in order to reduce the number of issues your company may face in the future.

This is also so the engineer can fill a single day up with as many jobs as possible. A disadvantage to this method is that the engineer will only have blocked off a certain amount of time to spend with your company, which means that they most likely won’t be able to get all the expected work done.

If the engineer does happen to go over the allotted time, they may charge additional fees, which can add up quickly. Another disadvantage to this method is that if the engineer finishes short of the given time, they may just move onto the next client while still charging you for the allotted time.

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This is a favourite among IT support companies as it guarantees them a select amount of billable hours. If you need anything additional from them, they’ll just charge you more in fees and costs.

Amazing Support does things differently when it comes to their IT support. This means that you can avoid the additional fees and unnecessary callouts that could have been solved the first time.

“We use a very client-led and ethical method called The Amazing Way. All of our clients are on a contract. This ensures that necessary monitoring and proactive insurance platforms are in place. While we do charge hourly for on-site support, we are confident about the length of job times through past experience. If we finish earlier than expected, we fill this time with floor-walks, tidying up the comms room, and speaking to staff about other IT issues. With any additional issues that come up we either attempt to fix them immediately or book another on-site support visit. If we do happen to run over time, we explain why to the client – which will either be because we underestimated or came across unexpected issues. After all, we are human! We will then bill for the additional time.”

“We believe that we deliver amazing IT support services through excellent communication, a can-do attitude, our technical expertise and professional level of responsibility that we hold ourselves to. At the same time, we aren’t apologetic for the time billed – we are always honest and upfront. We uphold professional relationships with all our clients that includes a mutual respect and understanding. We are proud of our customer base and feel privileged to be in our position.”

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