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IT Infrastructure Management In London

Your organisation’s IT infrastructure is one of its most crucial parts. As the foundation of any modern business, you cannot have an adequate level of efficiency for today’s marketplace without it. At Amazing Support, we’re fully knowledgeable of the latest developments in IT infrastructure and qualified to recommend your ideal setup.

With our London base, we are a leading provider of IT infrastructure management to small and large businesses in the Greater London area and in Hertfordshire. We can consult on your IT infrastructure as well as manage its many components.

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What Is IT Infrastructure?

IT infrastructure is everything that makes up your IT environment – hardware, software, network resources, and other services. Your IT infrastructure is whatever you need for the operation and management of your IT environment. Typically, your infrastructure refers to an internal IT environment within your business. Your employees, partners, and customers are the ones using your infrastructure. Your IT infrastructure is critical to the running of your business.

IT Infrastructure Components

There are usually 4 main components of IT infrastructure. These are hardware, software, network resources, and human resources. Each of these categories is broken even further.

Hardware typically includes your servers, desktop or laptop computers, data centers, hubs and routers, switches, and any other physical equipment. Software is a less clear-cut category, but generally includes operating systems, directory services, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, or other productivity applications.

Your network resources are services that enable your network and internet connectivity. This also includes firewalls and cyber security tools. Finally, you have your human resources. This component represents anyone who has any access to your IT environment. This could be network administrators, developers, designers, and even end-users. You can’t leave the human resources out when considering your infrastructure, as they’re very important components as well.

What Does IT Infrastructure Management Include?

Now that you understand what your IT infrastructure is and what it comprises, you might be asking how to manage it. As you can undoubtedly guess, IT infrastructure is complex. But it’s also the backbone of any successful business in today’s increasingly digital world.

Amazing Support can offer IT infrastructure management and consultancy to your small or large business. Our overall goal in this service is to reduce your system’s downtime and boost your business’ productivity. We will take on responsibility for features like asset lifecycle, capacity monitoring, storage, energy consumption, data centre management, wireless and wired networks, hardware, software, service updates, and cyber security.

Our services will monitor and maintain your overall infrastructure, ensuring your business’ data accessibility and daily operations. Our specialists can also audit your current infrastructure, suggest improvements, and implement a plan for moving forward.

What Are The Benefits Of IT Infrastructure Management?

Managing your infrastructure on your own can quickly become an overwhelming task. Unless you have an in-house IT team running regular checks and maintenance on your hardware, software, and network, your infrastructure will suffer. IT infrastructure setup must continually evolve, as both the business grows and as digital trends shift. Refraining from optimising your setup regularly can result in decreased productivity and even expose your business to security threats.

Using an external IT support company grants you access to experts in infrastructure maintenance and optimisation. Your infrastructure should improve your business, not hold it back. With our expert support, you can rest assured that regular maintenance and updates are carried out, and system monitoring occurs regularly. Amazing Support understand how vital properly managed IT infrastructure is to your organisation. With our expert services, you won’t have to worry about downtime, inefficiency, or lost productivity due to infrastructure problems.

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