Jumping through hoops to get to the right answer

As an IT professional, I like to think that I do not need to ask too many questions.

However, just like everyone, when you need to find out something, you just have to ask the right company for advice and you would expect in any customer-service industry to get an answer to your question quite quickly.

We give those answers quickly and efficiently on a daily basis to our customers and we think we provide a pretty darn good service.

However, what we don’t do is answer the question with a string of scripted questions and then tell the customer how the Q&A session is going to work. We understand what the customers needs from the first few seconds and get straight to the point. No waffle, no jargon, no nonsense.

I have just finished a frustrating online chat with a supplier for one of our clients to get some solid advice on VPS Cloud Servers, redundancy and scalability.

The problem with this chat was that from the beginning I was told to answer their questions even though I had already completed their own qualifying stages for them by getting straight to the questions at hand…..which were my first few sentences! As I said, I am in IT.

I ended up having to say to the person chatting (quite abruptly) who kept on asking more and more irrelevant questions to just answer my original questions as I knew what I wanted.

And what happened? I got my answers within a few lines and a quote before the end of the day but they did leave a sour taste in my mouth. I may not use them now because of that frustrating first impression.

So for those first-line-call-takers who do like to waffle on, when you’re asked by a customer or a potential customer for help or an answer to a question, just get to the point straight away.

You guys are the first line of defense and single-handedly pass on an impression to your client about your company and the type of customer service you provide. So do get it right from the beginning!

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