Keeping Your PC or Laptop Healthy

6 months or a year have now passed, you’re constantly trying to avoid the egg timer or blue circle and you are finding enough time to make a coffee whilst doing simple tasks such as opening a small word processor document or your outlook emails. Perhaps it is just taking ten minutes to boot up the machine?

So how do you stop yourself from pulling your hair out in desperation? Well actually there are a few simple things you can try.

No doubt someone has mentioned defragmentation to you at some point, this is fine to perform however this alone will make very little difference. Plus, if you are running low on hard disk space then you need to have at least 30% free space in order for Windows to actually perform a defragmentation. There are other, better degragmentation tools that you can use such as Defraggler by Piriform. The user interface is much easier to use, the software diggs far deeper to get all of those fragmented files into ordered pieces, plus it’s much faster than the Windows own inbuilt program. However, this should be the last step after all others have been carried out to bring order to your chaotic hard drive. I mean, whats the point of reorganising files you dont even want or need?

The first thing you should do is make a list of programs you don’t use and uninstall them. Such favourites are the computer manufacturer’s programs that arrived with the machine and which utterly bloats your machine. Old games and pieces of software you no longer use are also vital to unintall. Once these have been removed, you should also take a look at which programs are starting up with the machine unneccessarily and then stop them from doing so. You can do this by going to the startup folder within Windows Programs section and deleting these or, if you are a bit more techie, delete the keys manually from the registry or use the startup tab from within msconfig. However, unless you are a good techie or a trained IT Professional, we don’t recommend standard users doing this as your machine may not start up again.

A tool that is excellent at removing temporary files, temporary internet files and cookies (all of these seriously clog up your machine both in space and available memory resources) is again by Piriform called CCleaner. This nifty piece of software is brilliant and we use it for cleaning up client machines as well. It has a tiny footprint and really does clean all those temporary files and potentially spyware/malicious files from your machine.

Increasing your page file additionally helps as well as this method uses hard disk space for memory placement, rather than using your actual hardware memory. This frees up your physical memory to be allocated elsewhere. However, you are limited to the size of the drive that the page file resides on, which is normally the main operating system drive (usually C Drive).

Lastly, which is always recommended is a memory (also known as RAM) upgrade as the more memory you have, the more resources your machine has to use which ultimately makes a much faster experience. 32-bit operating systems are limited to between 2-4GB of memory but 64-bit operating systems can have up to 192GB of memory which is the case for Windows 7 Ultimate. The limits do depend on what version of Microsoft Windows you are running so check the following page for more information

Operating systems are simply very large pieces of software and they carry a lot of baggage (and gather more) over time. It is no wonder with all the security updates, hack releases, addons, installed programs and further customisable options that your pc or laptop is slowing down. Sometimes it’s time to move on to the next operating system or purchase a new laptop. However, the steps above can not only save you money but will make your laptop go that extra bit further.

If you wanted Amazing PC Support to perform a cleanup for you, then they will be able to tell you what they will do and what you can do to keep your machine clean and speedy.

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