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Amazing Support is offering the chance for you to improve your control and visibility over your business Wi-Fi!

  • Do you wish you could have better Wi-Fi coverage?
  • Do you want to see who is using your Wi-Fi?
  • Do you want to know what people are accessing over your Wi-Fi?

If you’re at the point where you need to bring your Wi-Fi up-to-date, require better visibility, control and centralisation and would like to commercially benefit from branding and multi-location consistency, then Get In Touch using the form on the right and we’ll go through our Wi-Fi solutions with you.

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Testimonial from Paul, JCDS

"Our key requirements were solid signal strength everywhere, a branded sign-in page at each location and a voucher system that our staff could manage easily. Amazing Support installed everything that we needed and we're really happy with the outcome."

Bring your Wi-Fi up to date

Perhaps you would like to access and track trend data on your hotel, cafe or restaurant guests to enable you to cross-sell additional services, improve security, provide a more individualised service and benefit from customised branding and consistent marketing.

Maybe you just need better Wi-Fi coverage across your single or multiple business locations or might like to add restrictions for better usage of your Wi-Fi or to meet regulatory and ethical standards.

In order to do any of these you need the right wireless access points to provide that all important signal to every part of your building/area and also have the ability to access, control and manage them through a centralised Wi-Fi controller, either at your site or even cloud based.

Our Wi-Fi solutions do all of this. Plus, we're also able to setup secure guest access, branded login pages, provide voucher and payment-based Wi-Fi services, together with the control logins for your staff to manage front-of house essentials.

When it comes to service reliability, access points connected to Wi-Fi controllers can be optimised for both voice and video as well as setup to load-balance connections and provide failover to other access points when a problem occurs.

This ensures your Wi-Fi uptime is as near to 100% as possible.

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