Microsoft enables anti-spoofing protection for all Office 365 exchange accounts

Some great news has come out through a Microsoft Message Centre Update Notification.

To add further levels of email protection, increase cyber prevention and combat spoofing, Microsoft has enabled enhanced anti-spoofing protection for all Exchange Online Office 365 accounts and will roll this out automatically.

The rollout of this extremely important enforced setting change is anticipated in September 2018 and will actively help reduce spoof emails and spoofing attacks, which has now become so prevalent daily, hundreds of thousands of individuals and companies worldwide have fallen victim to the scams and transferred personal and company funds to these fraudsters.

Microsoft is actively helping to reduce spoofing emails which are a medium for online fraud

After this anti-spoofing change takes place automatically, your Office 365 organisation will have access to enhanced anti-spoofing functionality that utilises cloud intelligence, sender reputation and patterns to identify potentially malicious domain spoofing attempts. The new functionality works in conjunction with Microsoft’s existing standards based email authentication checks.

Once this feature is auto-enabled, messages that fail Microsoft’s extended implicit authentication checks will be automatically sent to the junk mail folder. Policies are available to also customise these actions and also turn this functionality on and off.

The expected date of rollout is 21st September 2018 with completion of the update over the proceeding weeks.

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