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Microsoft have gone “Mindful” with the launch of MyAnalytics 365

Microsoft have not just gone insightful, but have gone mindful with their latest release for Office 365, MyAnalytics. And this time it’s actually a really good insightful tool, very similar to the Screen Time feature on Apple iPhones and much more.

What is MyAnalytics

MyAnalytics is a productivity insights application within Office 365 which is now becoming broadly available for Microsoft Office 365 users on Office 365 E3, Business Premium and Business Essentials plans.

MyAnalytics provides insights into two of the key factors in personal productivity: how people spend their time and who they spend it with. You can upgrade to any plan that has MyAnalytics included at any time to benefit from these insights.

What does MyAnalytics do

MyAnalytics gives you a number of different insightful features around your daily, weekly, monthly activities based around Office 365 tasks arranged in a mobile-friendly Dashboard. The dashboard breaks down the insights into 4 sections; Focus, Wellbeing, Network and Collaboration. Home gives you a brief headline overview.

Download the infographic on the 8 ways MyAnalytics creates better work habits.

The dashboard shows how you have spent your time over the past month, productivity insights into your work patterns, helpful suggestions for improvement and information about your network, top collaborators and collaboration activities.

The new personalised MyAnalytics dashboard gives you valuable insights into how to increase focus, achieve work-life balance and improve your work relationships and team collaboration.

MyAnalytics Section Breakdown

Focus – Enables you to find ways to increase your focus hours, so that you can accomplish concentrated work and unleash your creativity.

Wellbeing – See if you’re getting a good balance between work and personal time, then discover ways to disconnect and relax after hours (we absolutely love this one!).

Network – See who’s in your overall network and make sure you’re keeping up with important contacts and relationships.

Collaboration – Get tips on how to plan your calendar, spend less time in less important meetings and write more effective emails.

Extras you get with MyAnalytics

As well as the application and dashboard information, MyAnalytics also gives you an Insights Outlook Add-in, which are activity cards that will display in Outlook (local version not web) your recent work with options to respond or follow up based on the activity. Next you get a weekly email Digest showing your brief insights breakdown highlighting your previous week to help you better understand your work patterns and ways to improve them. Finally inline suggestions in Outlook will give contextual, data driven recommendations to improve your work patterns.

Overall Recommendation

We absolutely love MyAnalytics and find it such a clever and useful tool to give you insightful productivity information. It has also been built really well. It has a nice user interface, the 4 sections break down very nicely and it is easy to use and interpret. It is also mobile friendly and the extra features you get like the weekly email digest work really well to keep you connected to the app.

If you would like to give your staff an insightful and mindful tool, together with benefiting from helpful information and productivity, enable it in your Office 365 admin centre or please speak to us and we can help you get started. We pride ourselves on providing first-class IT Support.

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