November Link Roundup

With the ever-changing landscape of IT security, it’s important to stay current.

Every month, Amazing Support brings you a link roundup of relevant news and articles in the interest of keeping our customers and readers fully informed on what new or recurring security dangers exist on the internet, whilst offering the best possible solutions to maintain the integrity of their IT networks.

It’s really worth reading these and staying up-to-date.


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Missed our posts this month? Here they are again:

Let’s face it, no one is excited to do backups, just like no one is excited to pay for car insurance. However, just like car insurance it is most appreciated when “things” hit the proverbial fan.

Decades of conditioning have developed habits that are hard to break. Even though accessing and using Cloud storage has become so convenient to use, many users still default to the use of their desktop storage. But why is this the case?


Amazing Support Around The Web:

In August of 2016 a momentous occasion took place. EMC bolstered by its VMware arm came face to face with one of the tech world’s biggest giants; Dell.

A nightmare scenario unfolded a couple of years ago when a cyberattack targeted a nuclear power facility.

A recent Lloyds of London study shows that an overwhelming amount of European business have been breached within the last five years. It is hypothesised that the lack of security is directly correlated to the perceived impact that the breach has on a company.

People often mistakenly associate ransomware attacks with viruses. Close, but no cigar.


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