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With the ever-changing landscape of IT security, it’s important to stay current.

Every month, Amazing Support brings you a link roundup of relevant news and articles in the interest of keeping our customers and readers fully informed on what new or recurring security dangers exist on the internet, whilst offering the best possible solutions to maintain the integrity of their IT networks.

It’s really worth reading these and staying up-to-date.


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It is like the digital incarnation of the bogeyman, a children’s folktale that scared kids into fitful sleep. Merely, mentioning the word in a security meeting would send the room into immediate silence. The crazy thing is that it has done this to IT professionals and business owners for well over a decade now. Ransomware was not just an overnight occurrence.


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Ransomware attacks are, in essence, Trojans or worms. They usually make their way into company systems as a result of phishing campaign laid out by the attackers…

This may come as a shock to the majority of the public but the amount of threats (as defined by CSOs, IT managers and security specialists) are found within the confines of the company itself. 

Read about layered security on page 66 of the monthly Cyber Defense Magazine.

As much as technology and Internet allows us to reach farther outwards, it allows others to possibly reach us. Those who believe that all they need to be safe online is to clear their browser history and logout of their accounts are sorely mistaken.

Insiders, experts, and pundits have weighed in on the future of ransomware. Sorry to say, but it is looking pretty bleak.


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