Regular On-Site Support

We always visit our clients, whether it’s an account related visit or a technical one.

Our clients whether old or new want traditional, regular on-site IT support visits as part of their IT contract.

These can cover general task completion, maintenance of workstations, housekeeping of servers, network checks, tasks that can ordinarily be done remotely.

However, as a customer-service-centric IT company, we want to see you and for you to see us and not just by phone.

So consequently we are promoting a service that we have always delivered, but some clients may not actually know that we do!

Our Regular On-Site Support is just what it says, a regular visit from a suitable member of our team at your office to complete, well, pretty much anything.

It can be scheduled tasks to complete, break/fix problems or even be just a bit of training, housekeeping and floor walking.

For more information on our Regular On-Site Support please contact us on 0203 728 2555 or email [email protected].

Alternatively, click here to request a call back.


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