Remote Support – It’s Like Having an Always Available IT Team, But Without the Added Salary

What is Remote Support?

DEFINITION: A secure service that allows a representative to assist an end-user in solving computer problems, either by showing what steps to take through screen sharing, or with permission, taking control of the computer and performing a task remotely.

Remote Support is a relatively recent and innovative technology which allows any user to call upon an experts’ help within minutes of finding a problem or those needing immediate assistance with a computer-related issue.

Who can benefit from Remote Support?

Within the boundaries of your business it is simply a direct connection to an external IT Support Company who can provide on-hand help to your nuisance and frustrating problems. Within any industry it is a crucial addition to a company or office looking for cutting edge, affordable and efficient solutions to problems that are encountered on a daily basis. It can assist standalone  business users, entire networks or servers alike.

It can be of assistance to anyone who has a working internet connection and who operates a PC, Apple Mac, or even an iPhone and other handheld devices. It doesn’t matter which country you are in, whether you are a village apart or 5000 miles away from one another, it is a secure, safe and easy way to reach out for computer help. Everyone can benefit from this external support service.

Is it really better than having an experienced technician always on site?

The simple answer to this is, if you want to save money by not paying for an IT Manager’s salary or an IT Support Team, then yes. If a problem is dealt with remotely it is likely the company in charge of your Remote Support will have an experienced team of technicians ready to address any issues and as a result, support is often instantaneous and more qualified. Remote Support will allow you to get up and running much faster without a waiting time for an on-site technician to visit you at your computer.

How does this technology work?

Remote Support technology is essentially a secure and encrypted tunnel between your computer and the Remote Support Technician. It is safe, it is secure, it is fast and you remain in full control at all times and see everything the Remote Support Technician is doing (and stop it if you’re not happy). You can load the Remote Support application from your desktop or use a dedicated website to connect securely. The connection is always made by you, with your permission and the technician will resolve your issue once connected. It is very important and comforting for users to know that no one can just access their system without them first creating and accepting the session (providing you are using a credible Remote Support Company) and then allowing the technician to take control. Once the secure session is completed, it is then terminated. This entire process ensures your files, documents and work stay safe and private.

What’s the verdict?

Why employ someone internally to carry out support for you (who has to prioritise their work flow), when you can rely on a team of technicians to take care of your problems remotely. They won’t be in your way, they won’t charge you expensive costs for hours of site visits, they will respond quickly when you need it and most importantly, will provide you with a very high level of service.

Ultimately, if you need immediate and qualified assistance, then Remote Support should definitely be your first choice. However, if you would prefer to wait for an unknown amount of time before your problem can be resolved on-site then I suggest you stick with your internal support department!

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