Sage Accounts in the Cloud

What happens when you want to share sage, but everyone works remotely?

We have had a spate of requests from clients recently that have asked us to make Sage Accounts available to them ‘in the cloud’ or for multiple remote users. This is not surprising considering the accelerated uptake of cloud services and mobile workers and the popularity of sage software.

The assumption from clients is that if they use a service like Dropbox or Rackspace’s Jungledisk then they can simply share the sage data on that.

Unfortunately, because of the nature of these services it is not that simple. File sharing services are great for ‘flat files’ such as word, excel and pdf’s even images etc, but for dynamic database driven applications they don’t work. The reason is that the database element of the application is dynamic and live and so the time it takes to synchronise the local file to the server(Dropbox) or for the application to access the data thats on the hosted server(jungle disk) it is too late, other use are locked out and unable to function.

The answer is to use a remote desktop based service such as Remote Desktop(Terminal Services) or Citrix(a similar service from an alternative provider than Microsoft)

A server is configured either locally at a clients premises or hosted in a cloud hosting environment. the Sage Accounts software is installed on the server as well as the data. Once that has been configured, the server is configured to allow users to log in via a remote session – a little like Logmein or Gotomypc.

Once configured correctly, multiple users can access and work on Sage(assuming a valid multi user license) from anywhere in the world that there is an Internet connection!

If you a trying to enable remote users to access your sage data live and would like some advise then please contact The Amazing Support Company – 0845 201 1456

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