Stuff doesn’t break anymore, so what are you paying your IT support company for?

Around the country (and the globe), businesses are losing millions of pounds due to cybersecurity threats and lacking the right kind of IT infrastructure that can support their long-term growth. Yes, IT Infrastructure related issues can cost your company a fortune, if not managed properly. 

Consequently, most businesses in the modern era choose to spend on protecting and maintaining their business IT infrastructure in order to avoid huge expenses down the line. But do you sometimes wonder when your IT infrastructure is running so smoothly, without a glitch, why do you even need to keep paying your IT support partner company on a monthly basis?

In this article, we have a closer look at what all goes behind the scenes when it comes to managing the IT infrastructure of an SME business or a startup in London. However, before we get into that, let’s first understand why you need to have a reliable, on-going IT support in the first place.

Why Businesses Need to Have Monthly IT Support Management

Of course, not being able to access your internal systems even for a few minutes, having a device or a PC that runs slower than expected or perhaps having issues with the server downtime – can become very frustrating. In fact, it has an impact on employee productivity and eventually the company’s bottom line as well.

Having an ongoing support contract means that your systems are always running at their best capacity! Meaning that your business is always up and running so that your employees don’t have any obstacles when it comes to serving your customers.

Are you really impressed with the regular cyber threat reports and pieces of evidence that your IT support company shares with you on a monthly basis? Chances are, you are not! However, what good is your existing IT Infrastructure in an unsecured environment where new cybersecurity threats emerge on a daily basis? 

Without having various reliable IT security measures in place, your business presence and hard-earned reputation could be destroyed overnight by a couple of ill-willed hackers. Of course, in the case of most businesses, cybersecurity is not something that needs to be worked on a daily basis – but it also isn’t something that should be taken lightly or left to fate.

How about hiring a team of IT consultants who will take up various tasks on a daily basis and functionally just replace your IT support company? Maybe you have thought about this before.

However, in just a matter of a few months, you will have to invest in training them as newer versions of software and networking devices come into the picture. Plus, you will have to monitor their progress and output on a regular basis just like any other team in your company.

Is it worth spending so many resources on building your team up from scratch? If you are a giant corporation, maybe it is! However, for most SME businesses and startups, it’s not that great of an idea, which is why it is usually worth outsourcing your IT to a dedicated team of specialists at a fraction of the cost!

What if you want to expand your IT infrastructure to do much more than what it’s currently doing? What if you want to unleash the potential of your core teams by providing them with tools that boost their productivity and significantly cut down man-hours that would otherwise have been spent on mundane tasks? These are just some of the possible situations in which you will need the help of your IT support company. But only if you have a reliable supplier already.

Who doesn’t need the help of IT consultants every once in a while? Most growing businesses do! If you want to bring to market new IT solutions, services or platforms that will reach your target audience, it’s worth discussing and planning with your IT support company well in advance. This will ensure a smooth launch and easy maintenance in the future.

Every once in awhile, systems and software needs to be upgraded, even your security measures! Your IT support company can train your staff on how to use various devices, systems, computers, and specialized software on an ongoing basis. They can also inform your staff about cybersecurity issues and how to avoid them.

It’s More than Just On-demand IT Support

Regardless of whether you need on-site support or at a remote location, it’s always good to have the flexibility of having a team of IT support professionals available ‘on-demand’ without having to hire them full-time. But it doesn’t end there! A reliable IT support company also ensures that your business can overcome any technical hurdles, without having to invest large amounts of money upfront or hiring IT professionals in-house. This will allow you to save costs extensively, where you would only be paying for the resources and the time that is required to actually support your IT support requirements and nothing more.  



Grow Your Business, Leave the Headaches to Us!

When it comes to growing your business, you need to work with reliable people to make sure that everything is running smoothly at all times. Who wants to spend time assigning tasks to in-house IT staff when you can simply outsource it all on a contract basis to IT experts who know what they are doing? 

If this wasn’t enough, we will also eliminate the major distractions and hurdles that your employees face on a day-to-day basis. Not only your business operations improve drastically with the kind of expert business IT support we provide, but you will also have the required tools and systems to grow your business exponentially.



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