6 Services That We Offer That You Probably Didn’t Know About

Managed IT Support Services

At Amazing Support, we offer a lot of services –including Managed IT Support, Cloud Solutions and IT Consultancy. However, you might not know that we can offer even more than that! Here is an overview of some of our additional IT support services available for your business. 1. Office Relocations Moving office is just like … Read more

3 Ways To Ensure Wi-Fi Uptime For Your Business And Internet Guests

3 Ways To Ensure WiFi Uptime For Your Business And Internet Guests

For the overwhelming majority of businesses out there, success lies in being able to maintain connectivity with the internet. A growing number of business owners rely on their networks to make money, reach new customers and to provide connectivity to their guests as well. Have a plan B, C and D The truth of the … Read more

Broadband Voucher Scheme Case Study – Matt Powell, Broadband Genie [Guest Blog]

Amazing Support - Internet Connectivity - Broadband Genie Logo

Amazing Support welcomed Matt Powell from Broadband Genie this month to give an insight into the Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme available for eligible businesses. Matt Powell, editor for the broadband comparison website Broadband Genie, provides information on the Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme that is currently available to businesses in the UK. Having recently experienced going … Read more

Did Alexander Graham Bell think it would go this far?

VOIP - Telcoms - Broadband

When Alexander Graham Bell made the infamous and experimental call to Thomas Watson in March 1876, he could not have imagined how far today’s telephony has grown. The technology today for telephones, phone systems and voice services is completely different from the device he used to call Thomas Watson on. Even in the last 2-3 years and with ISDN … Read more

Microsoft Lync to be replaced by Skype for Business [Announcement]


The end of days has cometh for Microsoft Lync! Microsoft has announced it will be replacing its enterprise-focused instant messaging and communication app Lync with Skype for Business. There are promises that Skype for Business will remain an Office 365 service when it replaces Lync sometime in the first half of 2015. However, this is very big news, … Read more

SLA, SLA, wherefore art thou on my broadband line

Business IT Support - Broadband SLA

You look at this picture and you think “what a mess” right? Well that’s what you get when you don’t have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) on your business broadband! The recent BT issues in August still ring in my ears for some of our clients who didn’t have an SLA on their broadband lines. Some were offline and unable to … Read more

Which Browser Should I Use?

Assuming you are using Microsoft’s Windows operating system there are a plethora of browsers that you could use.  Now that Microsoft has been forced to offer alternatives, rather than insist its usually native Internet Explorer (current version 8) upon you, there are at least a dozen others. Each of them has its own positive and … Read more