Amazing Support proud to become a member of the UK Trade & Investment’s UK Advisory Network [Announcement]


  [GTranslate] March 2016 has started off with a major boost for London and Hertfordshire based IT Company Amazing Support who have had their application to join the Investor Support Directory of the UK Advisory Network approved, part of the UK Trade & Investment’s inward investment initiative. After a 12 month robust application process Amazing Support has been accepted … Read more

4 Reasons Why You Should Pay More For Enterprise Web And App Hosting

4 Reasons Why You Should Pay More for Enterprise Web And App Hosting

You can jump on Google right now and run a search for “Enterprise Web and Application Hosting” then sit back, hold tight and be prepared for the deluge of results. There are just too many options out there.  To make matters worse reading reviews and comparisons will leave your head spinning.  Pros, cons, benefits, disadvantages, … Read more

Business Cloud File Storage And The 2 To Watch This Year


It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, information storage and security can make or break you.  This becomes more and more true as the business gets bigger and bigger.  Legally speaking, it has never been more important to protect your data and your clients data from peering eyes. Data storage devices come in … Read more

4 Productivity Wins When Using A Cloud Terminal Server


Virtualising terminal servers are quickly becoming de facto practice in many of today’s companies.  This allows companies to be more nimble and alleviate much needed hardware budget.  But there is also a side bonus in that it also increases the productivity of users. [divider] Below we take a look at 4 ways that virtual cloud … Read more

3 Ways That Disaster Recovery As A Service (DRaaS) Can Save Your Business


Do you know what happens to your information and data when your server (physical or virtual) suffers a catastrophic failure?  Do you have a Plan B?  If so, how sound is it? These questions usually haunt network administrators and IT Managers on an almost daily basis.  To avoid scrambling around when the unthinkable happens, it … Read more

Microsoft Office and Windows Training


Microsoft has dominated the operating system and document processing market for many years now. And it’s fair enough, they are so ingrained into the bread and butter of our personal and commercial lives it is staggering how little we can live without them. That means that with this reliance on their mammoth products, we need to know … Read more

Why is IT-related third party support so important?

Why is IT-related third party support so important

Whenever we sign up a new client we email out a little guide for them to read through. Lots of useful stuff in it, telephone numbers, how we work, what we support and why we do it. But there is one paragraph in there that is very important and sets us apart from the “hands-off” IT … Read more

Amazing Support awarded Microsoft’s Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions competency [Announcement]

Amazing Support Managed IT Support awarded Microsoft Competency

Hertfordshire IT Support company sets itself apart from other Managed IT Support and IT Solutions providers by demonstrating their success in adopting Microsoft’s cloud technology platforms and obtaining client commitment to midmarket cloud solutions. [divider] Amazing Support, a Microsoft accredited specialist Managed IT Support and IT Consultancy business today announced it has achieved Microsoft’s Silver … Read more

4 Ways To Control Your Wi-Fi And Reduce Abuse

4 Ways To Control Your Wi-Fi And Reduce Abuse

Now that you have crafted the ideal Wi-Fi setup, it’s time to create a control and access policy to protect your data connection. Below we show how you can control the amount of data users can download, as well as determine which users have access to the web. Determine quality of service To ensure that Wi-Fi … Read more

3 Ways To Ensure Wi-Fi Uptime For Your Business And Internet Guests

3 Ways To Ensure WiFi Uptime For Your Business And Internet Guests

For the overwhelming majority of businesses out there, success lies in being able to maintain connectivity with the internet. A growing number of business owners rely on their networks to make money, reach new customers and to provide connectivity to their guests as well. Have a plan B, C and D The truth of the … Read more