When Disaster Strikes – Keep Your Email Alive – 5 Ways to Increase Your Email Continuity

disaster recovery

Do you know what happens when power goes down in today’s businesses? Absolutely nothing. Redundant power supplies come to the rescue and make sure that computers have some juice so that work can be saved or sent off site. Generators may kick in to bring some life back to the office. Business continues as data … Read more

Periodic Disaster Recovery Testing

Disaster Recovery Planning & Testing

To ensure our clients are the best protected and aware of their Business Continuity, we offer periodic Disaster Recovery (DR) Testing. Usually we would recommend bi-annual DR Testing but these can be more frequent should your regulatory/professional bodies or stakeholders require this. The entire planning, execution and results of our DR Tests are documented properly … Read more

Disaster Recovery testing, a must but planning is essential

Disaster Recovery - Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery (DR) testing helps to ensure that a company can recover data, infrastructure systems, restore business critical applications and continue business operations after an interruption or downtime of critical services. This may be from acts of god, terrorism or a serious problem with the IT equipment causing mission critical systems to be impacted and disaster recovery steps to be … Read more