UK Universities & NHS hit by ransomware


Next time you want to invoke a little bit of fear around your IT colleagues mention the word “ransomware”. But all joking aside, ransomware hacks, viruses and crimes are so effective that IT managers, technicians, businesses and law enforcement agencies have seen a steep increase in ransomware intrusions over the last 5 years. Universities in … Read more

Is Your Business Safe? Server Negligence Is Making It Easy For Ransomware Attackers

server negligence

Three million. That’s the number of servers that are at risk right now around the world. The reasons why they are at risk are so obvious that it is almost laughable that they are at risk in the first place. But there is nothing funny about compromised systems and data being held for ransom. This … Read more

Shocking Statistics: 25% of all cyber attacks in the UK are ransomware

it security - ransomware

If British businesses weren’t familiar with ransomware attacks they’re about to be. Security firm ESET has tracked a rising number of ransomware attack aimed at the UK. Using its LiveGrid telemetry, ESET was able to discern that 25 percent of all the UK’s cyberattacks were ransomware attacks. That puts the UK on top of the … Read more

13 steps to get the best out of your IT contract – Part 3

Get the most out of your IT Support Contract

This is part three in this article series, make sure you have read Part 1 and Part 2. 10. T&C’s and E&O’s Thankfully, this portion of the contract is usually taken care of by the lawyers. These will state the various Terms and Conditions (T&C’s), along with Errors and Omissions (E&O’s) that are developed by your … Read more

Managed Desktop, User and Security Support

Business IT Support

With the strains of cryptolocker and ransomware that have become ever more virulent, prevalent and frequent, we have identified that our clients need to be even better protected. Viruses are now intelligent, sophisticated and in very many cases criminal business generating tools that can cause untold technical and financial damage to business infrastructure and reputation. Starting … Read more

7 Top Tips For Business Email Productivity

7 Top Tips For Business Email Productivity

In this day and age communication mainly occurs over email, especially in a professional setting. A typical employee can have a few dozen all the way up to a few hundred emails of notifications a day. They are assaulted by a host of documents, image files, videos, meeting invites and chit chat. Their systems, both mental and … Read more

When Disaster Strikes – Keep Your Email Alive – 5 Ways to Increase Your Email Continuity

disaster recovery

Do you know what happens when power goes down in today’s businesses? Absolutely nothing. Redundant power supplies come to the rescue and make sure that computers have some juice so that work can be saved or sent off site. Generators may kick in to bring some life back to the office. Business continues as data … Read more

SPOOFING WARNING: Businesses warned of new email scam by FFA UK


Financial Fraud Action UK have posted a news article regarding a new and very serious email spoofing scam on their website and we are advising ALL of our clients and contacts to read the article and guidance notes within the PDF. [divider] Contact us on 0203 728 2555 so that we can perform a security audit to help protect your business. … Read more