How do I protect my business from a cyber attack?

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A question we get asked a lot by customers, contacts, friends and new business clients is how to protect your business from a cyber attack. The answer is complex and there is no quick fix or definitive list that works for every company alike.   Every business has a unique makeup and design of their … Read more

A day in the life of a business ransomware victim


Ransomware is a nightmare come to life. It is bad enough to come to the realisation that your system has been penetrated, but the second blow in this terrifying one-two punch comes when you are suddenly locked out of certain files. Some victims of hacking, phishing and ransomware compare the experience to being assaulted due … Read more

Borehamwood – A lot more than a small town.


Head northwest on the M1 from the London core and you are bound to hit the unapologetically suburban town of Borehamwood. This small-ish town of over 33,000 people in southern Hertfordshire represents your town situated in London’s outskirts. Drastically more affordable housing than glitzy London, a short commute to the business district and close to … Read more

Third Party Support [60 seconds with Jamie]

60 seconds with jamie

Third Party Support. Based on our long-standing knowledge of working with multiple third party vendors, we understand that businesses do not always have time available to communicate emergency or project issues to their third party IT providers. We therefore include this service as part of our IT Management and Support contracts. Our methodology is to … Read more

Why is IT-related third party support so important?

Why is IT-related third party support so important

Whenever we sign up a new client we email out a little guide for them to read through. Lots of useful stuff in it, telephone numbers, how we work, what we support and why we do it. But there is one paragraph in there that is very important and sets us apart from the “hands-off” IT … Read more