Avoid the end of the world with our IT support contract checklist

IT Support Contracts - Noah 2014 The End of the World

Is any part of a new IT Support contract really so important that it’s the end of the world if you forget it? YES, actually! 6 things, in fact. “I will remember my covenant between me and you.” – Genesis 9:15 Once you’ve signed that contract, all the springs of the hardware and software will … Read more

File-sharing just got easier, better, and cheaper [Announcement]

it support company in UK - blue box

We’ve been file-sharing with our clients for years. If you’ve got the right service – *cough* Dropbox *cough* – it makes sharing the right files with the right people fast, simple, and secure. It’s way better than email attachments that might not get through. We already use Dropbox to safely and quickly share files with … Read more

4 dates all managers must know (#4 might surprise you)

Small Business IT Support - 4 Dates

Planning, organising, prioritising, and balancing resources are part of most effective IT managers’ and operations managers’ competency frameworks. That’s HR speak for: managers need to be organised! Pretty obvious, huh? That doesn’t necessarily mean having a clear desk or a single-page email inbox. It does mean keeping our calendars up to date, each with reminders … Read more

10 warning signs your IT project is doomed to fail


Around 15% of our new clients come to us because they’ve realised their IT projects have failed. The conversation usually starts like this: “We’re in the middle of an IT project. If it doesn’t work out… and I’m not saying it has… but if it doesn’t work out, what’s involved in you taking over?” To … Read more