5 Essentials your IT Support Company Should Cover for your Business

Business IT Support

The average IT Support contract can be baffling for the lay person. It’s easily to get lost in a bunch of jargon. It’s possible that you don’t even know what your business is actually covered for. Here’s some aspects that should be covered on your support contract. If you are aren’t, then you should ask your support … Read more

Non est factum – not just a contract law term, yes IT related!

IT Support Audits

Non est what? Without offending any of our legal clients with my interpretation!, “Non est factum” is a contract law term which if specific conditions are properly met, effectively allows a person to get out of an agreement. For a proper explanation see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non_est_factum However, the cry of “non est factum” has also been used to attempt to cheat … Read more