“Sextortion” Phishing Scam Blackmailing People with their Passwords

If you’re on the internet and use multiple passwords, you need to be aware of phishing scams. To put it simply, a phishing scam is when an individual attempts to steal personal information from you by posing as someone trustworthy, e.g., a well-known corporation. The latest phishing scam that’s going around is one that leads … Read more

4 Reasons Why You Should Pay More For Enterprise Web And App Hosting

4 Reasons Why You Should Pay More for Enterprise Web And App Hosting

You can jump on Google right now and run a search for “Enterprise Web and Application Hosting” then sit back, hold tight and be prepared for the deluge of results. There are just too many options out there.  To make matters worse reading reviews and comparisons will leave your head spinning.  Pros, cons, benefits, disadvantages, … Read more

3 Benefits of Email Archiving Services

Email Migrations

If you’ve worked with emails for a length of time, you would have undoubtedly received notifications to archive your email. Whether this notification came from your system or from your email administrator, the same thought probably runs through your head, “This is annoying and it takes a long time.” Is it worth the time and … Read more

Is your business wasting valuable work time social-ising?


30% of all employees spend up to 2 hours each day pointlessly browsing online or using social media (Source: The Telegraph – http://amzsup.co/1DrF9as) [divider] It is extremely frustrating walking past a colleague’s or employee’s desk and they are happily liking a video of a cat scratching a dog on Facebook, browsing Instagram, or re-tweeting their friend’s … Read more

Are you ready to go mobile? Hurry up!

Mobile Friendly Website - London Business IT

Is your website ready to go mobile? In other words, is it mobile-friendly? Well, by 21st April 2015 it better be! So what has Google done now! They have after a rather long wait (although this was announced end of 2014), unveiled their mobile-friendly label and soon algorithm change that will come into force starting 21st … Read more

Keeping your website regularly updated for a successful online return

Business IT London - Website Maintenance

So you’ve designed a new website, written the content and the site’s now gone live. That’s your website done, right? Well not even close! Keeping your website fresh with new content frequently is a key method in attracting not only new customers, but it ensures that you’re keeping your existing ones and search engines updated with relevant information. [divider] … Read more

How your site performs organically through keyword analysis

Keyword Analysis - Organic Search Results

It’s one of the most important yet difficult aspects of organic SEO to theorise…what keywords should you be optimising your site for. At even a higher level than that is, what are your potential customers actually searching for? As once you know these answers “as best you can”, based on that information you can for example, understand what content … Read more

So you’ve got a grand to spend on digital marketing

Digital marketing - money down drain

Really! Wow, that’s a nice chunk of money to spend on digital marketing every month, so how are you going to use it? PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising, Email Marketing, Writing Articles, External Link Building, Social Media Awareness, the infamous words “Search Engine Optimisation”…..maybe a little bit of everything? In this article I am going to explain what perhaps … Read more

Who cares what the public thinks?

Posted by Jamie Claret of Legal Futures Associate The Amazing Support Company I recently had a disturbing conversation with a local law firm about their name appearing on Solicitors from Hell. This website has gained a lot of attention from the press and has become infamous in the way that anyone is able to anonymously put details of … Read more